Andy Jackson | Signal to Noise (Esoteric Antenna)

signal noise_75Bombastic and powerful, Andy Jackson shines here not only as producer, but as a performer, as well.

Engineer and producer extraordinaire Andy Jackson (most known for his work with rock legend Pink Floyd) has released a solo effort entitled Signal to Noise. With a sound deep in the more electronic side of Pink Floyd, fans of the genre will delight in this release. Bombastic and powerful, Jackson shines here not only as producer, but as a performer, as well. With everything from eloquent guitar solos to industrial-style percussion and bass lines, he has channeled such artists as Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, while also delivering the songs with a more pop sense of writing and form. All his songs on the album were penned and performed by Jackson himself.

Offering up seven tracks, this album is an esoteric mind-trip that plays like an emotional rollercoaster. The production is sleek, and each track has its own statement to make while at the same time staying in the overall time-space of the album. Spotlight tracks include, “One More Push,” with its industrial roar and baroque vocal melody. “Spray Paint,” a melodic song with a classic guitar solo à la “Comfortably Numb,” and “Invisible Colours,” has a Trent Reznor–style vocal mixed with Floyd-ish guitars.

Ornate and intricate, Signal to Noise captures an ethereal sound. This album is excellence achieved in the genre of electronic/progressive rock. It is classic in some places and industrial in others, giving a chilling combination from one who knows this sound inside and out. Now that Pink Floyd has announced its latest album is, indeed, their last, the time is right for this release. Jackson creates a most enjoyable opus here. A | Marc Farr

The album is available as a limited edition CD/DVD digipak, as well as vinyl.

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