Amoreaux | Never Young as Tonight (Neurotic Yell)

cd AmoreauxThe first single, “Lost the Plot,” is a syncopated piece with heavy percussion, which drowns out the melody at times.


Coming from the dark haze known as Los Angeles, Amoreaux is the latest in synth-pop-punk. The all-female duo has just released its debut EP, Never Young as Tonight, a dark, bass-heavy selection of tunes with a pop sensibility and a neurotic delivery.

Nicole Turley and Holiday J create songs that are unconventional, their sound distorted noir. While recording the album, the two decided to be more organic with their recording process, writing the songs on bass and drums first. Trying to steer clear of an overproduced and sterile sound, Amoreaux achieved its desired effect by using the first take on most of the tracks, with the exception of the vocals. Holiday J explained. “We wanted what naturally came out of us, without too much polishing. The idea of beauty in the cracks in between.”

While there are only four tracks to this release, they make a statement. Sporting raw production that leans toward the minimalist side of the genre, the duo brings to mind early Talking Heads combined with the pop stylings of Berlin and Roxy Music. Of note is “I’m Not Coming Home,” which features a heavy, marching-type rhythm, dissonant vocal harmonies, and a chilling melody. The first single, “Lost the Plot,” is a syncopated piece with heavy percussion, which drowns out the melody at times.

With no gap between tracks, the songs blend together like one long mix, save the last track, “Your 20s Are for Wasting.” The harmony-laden vocals, while well performed, could have been mixed a bit cleaner; as it is, the girls seem to be yelling in order to be heard above the loud drums.

Overall, Never Young as Tonight is an ambitious release that doesn’t quite hit the target. With a cleaner production and a finer mix, it could have been a sleeper hit; unfortunately, the mood and tone is sullen and muddy most of the time, making it an acquired taste. C- | Marc Farr

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