AFI | Burials (Republic)

AFI 75I just love powerful songs that get my mind moving and make me want to run around and slam into people.

 Here is what I thought of AFI’s album, Burials. Remember, all scores are out of a possible 10 points.

“The Sinking Night” – This track has balls. Its dark tone allowed me to once again tap into my inner alterna boy who only wears black and combat boots persona. This track has a Pink Floyd feel to it, and I liked it as an opening track. Score: 10

“I Hope You Suffer” – Another powerful, dark rocker. I liked most of the vocals when they were screaming, but the other vocals I thought brought the track down. I really liked the lyrics as well — good lyrics will always bend my ear. Score: 8

“A Deep Slow Panic” – At first I was like, “Are they serving country on this track?” But then the pop parts kicked in, and I was all like, “Whew.” Not that I don’t like country, but this band should do what they do best and rock out. Not much here that I loved; it just kind of bored me. Score: 5

“No Resurrection” – An ass-kicking rock track. I loved the vocals, I loved the pounding rhythms, and I loved the chorus. Nice jobs boys — do more of this. Score: 10

“17 Crimes” – I don’t how much more of this ass kicking I can handle — a high-energy, rocking track. Don’t get mad at me if you see me driving around South County blaring this out of my windows. Just a fun song that gets me all excited. Score: 9

“The Conductor” – I have no idea what they were singing about, but I did respond to the groove and the energy. I just love powerful songs that get my mind moving and make me want to run around and slam into people. Score: 8

“Heart Stops” – What the buggery bollocks is this track? It feels like they wrote this for the ladies. No balls, no power, just lyrics about a heart. BORING. Score: 2

“Rewind” – I like the energy and musicianship of this track, but that’s about all. The lyrics are just blah, and it really didn’t go anywhere. Kind of filler. Score: 6

“The Embrace” – I really got into this track. The bass playing really impressed me. Great energy, interesting turns in the music, and an ass-kicking attitude. Score: 8

“Wild” – How is it that this band can rock so hard? From the first drum beat I was hooked. My blood was pumping, my head was banging, and I just wanted to get into a pit. This song should be renamed, “You Will Mosh!” Brilliant. Score: 10

“Greater Than 84” – I don’t know how AFI does it, but while this song seems similar to several other tracks on this album, it comes off fresh, different, and fun. I responded to so many of the elements on this track. I love the energy and the kick-ass vocals. Score: 9

“Anxious” – The rock train keeps barreling down the tracks with another lively, compelling track. I particularly got into the chorus, but the overall lyrics left me nonplussed. Score: 7

“The Face Beneath the Waves” – This album leaves the same way it came in — with a dark, foreboding track that made me delve into the dark recesses of my brain. I liked the opening track a bit more, but this track does not disappoint. Well played boys. Score: 8

Average Track Score: 7.7 Would I recommend this to my friends? Absolutely. So many kick ass tracks makes this one of my favorite albums of the year. | Jim Ryan







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