A Skylit Drive | Rise: Ascension (Hero)

cd skylit-driveI’d high five them for their ability to take heavy music and make it acoustic; they did it really well.



Let me start off by saying I had honestly never heard of A Skylit Drive until it came across for review. I like being introduced to new music in a manner of not knowing anything about the artist. After some research, I found out this was a reimagining of their acclaimed Rise album. The previous album was supposed to be harder and try to their sound. I couldn’t contest for that, because I had never heard of it. Regardless, I gave this a listen, and I’m not sorry I did.

The best way to go about reviewing this album was to give it a full listen and then compare tracks side by side. I’m glad I did, because it gave me a respect for the two surviving members and their ability to strip down some pretty hard songs. I think they did it beautifully and the instruments become a really easy listen. There are some great melodies, and that cello on Crazy is really eerie and nice. The musicianship with the instruments is there, and it’s remarkable. These guys know what they’re doing and I commend them for that. I’d high five them for their ability to take heavy music and make it acoustic; they did it really well.

The vocals are pretty identical to the hard album. Really, though, how can you change your vocals? They’re softer, which is expected since it’s an acoustic album. They go with the music perfectly and work well off each other. I’m not going to fault the guy with his vocals; that’s his voice and how he sings, kudos to him.

Overall, the album is solid. It made me want to hear the harder version (which I backed up and did). I think it complements Rise perfectly and is a nice to companion to have. If you liked the harder album, do yourself and pick up this one. The whole time listening to this album, I kept saying to myself, “I really don’t like this,” just because it’s not my cup of tea, but I couldn’t pause it or skip a song. It’s really well done and deserves praise for its musicianship. It sounds like stuff I used to listen to in the early to mid-2000s.

A Skylit Drive gets two thumbs up for the musicianship involved in creating this album and trying something new. | Adam Robinson

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