8-Bit Operators | Enjoy the Science: A Tribute to Depeche Mode (Deceptive Gaze/Receptors)

cd 8-bitWhat could be more fun than a tribute album to the masters of the Moog, Depeche Mode?




What could be more fun than a tribute album to the masters of the Moog, Depeche Mode? Performed under the moniker 8-Bit Operators, this is an album of pure fun! Coming off the success of their last work, A Tribute to Kraftwerk, Enjoy the Science is chock full of blips, glips, and beeps, brought to life by computer chips from video game systems like Nintendo, Gameboy, Atari, and Speak and Spell (also the name of Depeche Mode’s first album), and antique home computers like Commodore 64s. With the band’s three tribute albums already under its belt (The Beatles, Kraftwerk, and Devo), there is no stronger tribute to electronic music than this CD—and that’s saying a lot,

The performers on this cd are known as “chip-artists,” the songs as “chip-tunes.” Using old computer chips to generate sounds, much like the early Depeche Mode recordings, this is a spectacular tribute to a band with a 30–plus-year career. While Depeche Mode may be the masters of electronica, 8-Bit Operators prove here that, with the right technology and a love for electronic music, they can play with the big boys.

There are so many spotlight tracks here, it is difficult to pick them out. “But Not Tonight,” “Enjoy the Silence,“”New Life,” “Never Let Me Down Again,” and “ Behind the Wheel” (featuring Helen Eugene on vocals) shine like a lighthouse on the shore. In fact, this entire compilation, featuring remix chip-music artists like Bacalao, Herbert Weixelbaum, and Patokai, is so enjoyable, I wait in eager anticipation for their next release. I highly recommend adding Enjoy the Science to your electronic music collection. If you really dig electronica, this is the CD to have this summer. A | Marc Farr

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