6:33 | Deadly Scenes (Kaotoxin)

cd 633The insanity 6:33 has created cannot be truly described.




Somewhere in France right now there’s a clearly insane person who’s just had the most perfectly lucid thought he’s ever had, but he’s still insane.

We, hopefully, are not.

The insanity 6:33 has created cannot be truly described. It cannot be truly critiqued. It is music that must be heard. To say that this music is wildly eclectic is a lot like saying that Slayer is a bit miffed about the state of the world today, or that Carcass finds gore to be a neat-o topic.

This record is packed with every musical style you have ever heard in your life. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that Mike Patton is singing on this record; whether that is true or not, 6:33 is keeping that fairly hush hush.

There are few musical experiences in the world that could be close to this one. Don’t miss out. | Nik Cameron

Rating: Buy this album.

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