12 Summers Old | This Could Get Dangerous (Snapdragon)

cd_12-summers.jpgWhile Brandon Turner’s gritty yet typical rock ‘n’ roll sexy voice may be the answer, the lyrics are not.







While the third installment of 12 Summers Old, This Could Get Dangerous, isn’t the best thing I’ve ever heard, it is far from the worst. Their self-proclaimed genre of "sleaze pop" leaves me wondering who (or what) is the sleaze? While Brandon Turner’s gritty yet typical rock ‘n’ roll sexy voice may be the answer, the lyrics are not. Do not misread me; I actually don’t mind most of the lyrics, with the exception of track 10, "Broken Down Cars." The lyrics are not the first time you’ve heard these themes yet they are defiantly relatable, which I think always makes for a decent album. It seems as if the sleaze is whatever "Coked up Cinderella" was the muse for this project.

The thing that isn’t sleazy is the guitar work. Together, Mike Davis and Jarrod Cardinal craft the foundation for the most interesting parts of this album. On track 9, "Sinners Lose Their Legs," the guitar solo has me feeling as if I’m listening to an old metal song. I enjoy the change of pace on this track, as it gets a bit harder with raw, well-executed guitar riffs and solid drumbeats that keep with the quick pace, straying from the usual poppy rock/punk feel that this album is riddled with. Not to say I don’t thoroughly enjoy the poppier tracks. Case in point, I’ve been singing the first track, "Being Honest," since I first heard it. The dirty guitars riffs and quick, upbeat drums are reminiscent of the good ol’ days of pop-punk, when Blink 182 reigned king and I was way into MEST. Other notable tracks are "Pictures Sold Me Out" and "Little Things You Break." In "Pictures," you can hear the fast-paced chord progressions of the guitar similar to that of "Sinners Lose Their Legs." With all this appreciation of the guitar sections, I forget that I feel as if something is missing. The presence that the guitars and drums demand overshadows the bass sections.

While you may not fall completely and totally in love with This Could Get Dangerous (unless you are a diehard 12 Summers Old fan), it is hard not to get it stuck in your head. This album has enough "whoa’s," upbeat guitar parts and catchy lyrics to keep you singing along for hours. It is a little generic, but comparable to updated versions of older pop rock/punk favorites. I would recommend This Could Get Dangerous to those who are waging an internal struggle with the fact that their current flame is more like a horrible wildfire than a passionate lover, but they still can’t seem to kick this person to the curb. Turner seems to know how you feel. C | Kate Nelson

RIYL: MEST, Matchbook Romance, (old) Hit The Lights

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