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prof william-control_75Maybe I have a lot of voices that rattle around in my brain that need to come out.



William Control will grab your attention. He neither comes nor goes quietly. His dirty darkwave sound emphatically proclaims that this music is nothing like his work as the frontman for Aiden. Listening to his albums Noir and Neuromancer, you may think Joy Division; you may think Bauhaus; you may think Nine Inch Nails. In your mind, though, you’ll find yourself half-dressed in a dark, seedy, out-of-the-way no-tell motel, music and moans bleeding through the walls, restraints and whips spread across the stained bedspread. You are not alone.

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“Sex-fueled fusion artist” is a very unique description of you and your band. Who came up with that term and why is it an accurate depiction?

I have no idea who came up with that [Ed. note: It turns out his publicist coined the term] but I suppose it aptly describes a good portion of my art. A lot of the themes in the songs and albums are driven by this character’s deviant adventures across the American and European continents.

How does this project differ from your work with Aiden?

To start with, it’s a completely different genre. Whereas Aiden is a punk rock band, WC lingers in the electronic/dance/gothic Frank Sinatra world. It’s also built on a concept rather than each album being different. There’s also a three-part novel called Revelator to accompany the albums that paints a complete picture.

As an artist, you have been compared to a number of classic artists; however, I want to know what inspired you, not how you are described now. What bands did you listen to during your formative years (i.e., adolescence)? How have they influenced your sound?

Early in my adolescence I discovered punk bands that helped shape the musician I was to become: Misfits, Bad Religion, NoFX, Violent Femmes. These are the bands that taught me how to play guitar and how to write a song, which you can tell are my influences whilst listening to Aiden. In my late teens, I discovered Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk: these bands would help influence William Control many years later.

With touring and album releases, you seem to keep extremely busy. How do you have time to write and publish novels on top of this?

I seem to only write when I’m traveling by plane. I suppose that since I tour so much I’ve had the opportunity to write a lot. Who knows? Maybe I’m mad. Maybe I have a lot of voices that rattle around in my brain that need to come out.

How does writing lyrics differ from writing fiction?

Music is sort of like a puzzle. You must fit the words to a melody or in a sequence that is pleasing to the (for lack of a better metaphor) soul. Writing fiction is simply telling a story; you just need to keep the facts straight. Which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

This is your first headlining tour. What can we expect?

Actually, this is my second headlining tour here in the U.S. You can most certainly expect a spanking good time. | Laura Hamlett

Watch the official music video for “Price We Pay”

William Control and The Neuromantic Boys on The Punishment Tour:

05.06 | Salt Lake City, UT @ Music Garage
05.08 | Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
05.10 | Minneapolis, MN @ Nether Bar
05.11 | Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
05.12 | Indianapolis, IN @ Emerson
05.14 | Cleveland, OH @ Agora
05.16 | Rockaway, NJ @ Backroom Studios
05.17 | New York, NY @ Webster Studio
05.18 | Boston, MA @ Brighton Bar
05.19 | Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage
05.20 | Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
05.20 | Raleigh, NC @ Southland Ballroom
05.22 | Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
05.23 | St. Petersburg, FL @ Local 662
05.26 | Dallas, TX @ The Prophet Bar
05.27 | Houston, TX @ Warehouse
05.28 | San Antonio, TX @ Korova
05.31 | Phoenix, AZ @ Joes Grotto
06.03 | San Diego, CA @ Soma Sidestage
06.05 | Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
06.06 | Los Angeles, CA @ Bar Sinister
06.07 | Fresno, CA @ Strummers
06.08 | Oakland, CA @ Metro Small Room
06.11 | Seattle, WA @Studio Seven

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