St. Louis Bands On The Road To Austin

I feel quite lucky to have a band whose members are not only great people but are versatile enough to play in other bands.


Grand Ulena
SXSW: Room 710, March 20, 10 p.m.
We were unable to reach Grand Ulena for an interview.

Magnolia Summer
SXSW: Club de Ville, March 17, 9 p.m.
Interview With: Chris Grabau

Is this your first time playing SXSW?
Yes. Magnolia Summer has only been around for a little over a year. Our first record, Levers and Pulleys (Undertow), was released nationally in October. This was the first time we applied to SXSW. We are playing a couple of shows during SXSW: a showcase slot and a BBQ co-sponsored by the management end of Undertow, Misra Records, and Harp magazine. Should be a lot of fun! We’re looking forward to playing, catching up with friends in other bands, and eating a bunch of Mexican food.

You guys are so involved in other projects; how do you find time for Magnolia Summer?
I think it’s one of the things that I’m most excited about with Magnolia Summer. I feel quite lucky to have a band whose members are not only great people but are versatile enough to play in other bands. Having a band whose members are involved with a number of other projects is directly in line with the overall aesthetic of the band. At one time, we counted that the band was collectively involved in 15 other projects! For example, Aaron Zeveski is also the drummer for Ring, Cicada. John Horton also plays guitar in a number of bands, including the Bottle Rockets; Mark Ray and I play in Waterloo, and violinist Jeremy leads an excellent band called Trief.

We always change and rework live shows, especially when we play in St. Louis. We write a lot, test new songs live, and rework arrangements. Therefore, if a band member cannot make a show because they are on tour with another band, we work around it. So far, we’ve played shows with as few as two members (Jeremy and I) and as many as seven people on the roster. The fluid lineup makes playing out a lot of fun and I hope more interesting for anyone who decides to come to one of our shows. After all, live shows shouldn’t be about rehashing your records.

What does 2004 have in store for Magnolia Summer? What about the other Grabau projects?
We just finished recording a track for an upcoming Chuck Berry tribute compilation. We’re also going to record another record with the hope to have it ready for an early 2005 release. We also have plans to continue to play out of town regionally in cities like Chicago, Nashville, Omaha, and all points in between.

In addition, the other band I play in, Waterloo (led by Magnolia Summer member Mark Ray), will release a new record titled In the Light of Day (Undertow) on April 6. We are planning a number of local and regional shows. I’m very excited about the record! The record was produced by Matt Pence and features a number of guest musicians, including Scott Danborn and Will Johnson from Centro-matic, as well as Howard Draper from Little Grizzly.

Which band member will be the first in line for Stubb’s barbecue?
Hmm, I’m not sure…is this one of those Atkins fad diets I’ve been hearing about?

The Lyndsay Diaries
SXSW: Copper Tank, March 20, 11 p.m.
Interview With: Scott Windsor

Is this your first time playing SXSW?
Yes, this is my first time. I had to cancel last year due to van problems.

How does it feel to play the biggest music festival in the country?
I am definitely honored to be invited to the festival. It is, however, a different vibe than a normal show. It is more of an industry-based deal, a little different than playing in front of the normal fans. But it is as equally important.

Besides LD, what else are you involved with?
Lyndsay Diaries is pretty much my main focus in life right now. That and bowling.

What does 2004 have in store for The Lyndsay Diaries?
I will be recording my third full-length in April. After that, I plan on touring until the end of the year.

SXSW: Roxy, March 20
Interview With: Adam Reichmann

Is this your first time playing SXSW?
This will actually be our fourth time going down there. St. Louis weather still sucks in March, and we’ll take any excuse to get south.
How does it feel to play the biggest U.S. festival?
It’s always exciting to play in front of people from all over. You never know who’s in the audience. Downside is that there are a lot of rock stars wandering around, and when they all stand side-by-side, it’s pretty pathetic. Lots of self-obsession.

What does 2004 have in store for Nadine?
Are you kidding? We’re still in recovery from 2003! Behind closed doors, we’re writing and experimenting and doing whatever we all do in our regular lives. I’m trying to get my liver sent back from Los Angeles. Live rock shows will continue…keeping the out-of-town thing cooking as much as possible. It’d be nice to get out of the country.

Which band member will be first in line for Stubbs’ barbeque?
Hmm. I’m going to say Anne because that gal’s got initiative…and a healthy appetite for shredded pork. Also, Jimmy, her chief competitor, will still be asleep.

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