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SM-EP-coverI like this band. A lot. And after interviewing singer/frontman A/J Jackson, I like him a lot, too.




My taste in music has been described as being sometimes narrow (ahem…husband…ahem) because I like newer (pop) music rather than old. (Yes, it’s true: I usually prefer a good Beatles cover to an original.) But I gave one listen to Saint Motel’s 2014 My Type EP and found it to be unique, different, an unfamiliar take on a popular, if curious, genre—in other words, something I wouldn’t have expected to love. But I do. There are horns, grooves, and tropical breezes—and my new crush’s silky-smooth vocals.

Perhaps even more notable is the fact that husband and I both dig the tunes; he’s not just listening to the EP because I have him trapped in my car. I don’t have you trapped, either, so you can listen at your own enjoyment: Check out the artsy video for first single/title track here.

There are four guys in Saint Motel (the same number of songs on their too-short EP): joining Jackson are guitarist Aaron Sharp, bassist Dak Jones, and drummer Greg Erwin.


First off, we Denverites are super excited you included us on your brief 10-date tour. Which makes us have to ask already: When will you be back?

Maybe we should just stay? Wanna move in together and get a place?

You’ve toured with Arctic Monkeys and Imagine Dragons. What’s the best show experience you’ve had thus far?

I have a feeling this Denver show at the Larimer Lounge is going to take the cake! Doesn’t take much for us to have fun on stage, just people having fun in the audience. That’s pretty much the only prerequisite for an explosive show.

You’re from Los Angeles. How is it you’ve had so much European success?

We initially signed to a British label called Parlophone and they kinda got the ball rolling. It has been quite the adventure over there.

The “we met at art/film school” thing is a bit clichéd. What makes your story different?

We did it naked! No…I don’t know? Is it cliché? Maybe you’ve only heard these film school (ours was not an art school) band origin stories because those are the bands that manage to resonate with you somehow? I know a lot of my musical heroes formed in these type of creative incubators and I’m sure it happens in the same way most bands form. “Hey ____, you play music? Yeah? Cool, wanna start a band?” Done and done.

I hate EPs; there’s never enough to satisfy. When’s the full-length going to be out?

I also like me a good full-length album. We have a lot of music in various stages of completion right now. There are a lot of different opinions right now about when we should put it out; could be as soon as this summer… | Laura Hamlett

Saint Motel plays Denver’s Larimer Lounge on Tues., Feb. 3; also on the bill are Elektra labelmates The Moth & the Flame.

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