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“The only people for me are the mad ones.”


I love hearing new artists; it’s one of the biggest highs of a music lover. What I don’t love is when said artists don’t have any releases for me to binge on. But they have that one song: the one that hooks you right away, that actually makes you mad there’s not more to sink your ears into. I know, I know: Patience is a virtue.

Los Angeles–based morgxn (he eschews capital letters) is one artist worth waiting for. His tantalizing debut single, “love you with the lights on,” is a delicious hybrid of mellow R&B and pop—with luscious, luscious falsetto vocals. It’s smooth and simmering, a perfect date-night soundtrack.

morgxn’s also very mysterious; check out his website and Facebook page and tell me if you think you know anything about him. You don’t, right? Well then, let me do you the favor of introducing this up-and-coming songsmith.

You seem to be a very visual artist, based on the images and videos on your website. How does visual art influence your music, and vice versa?

I started posting to a private Tumblr two years ago—not really sure what inspired me to do it. But I tend to have a lot of thoughts and no one to really share them with, and the internet felt like the right place to host that. I didn’t want to make it public but I didn’t want to forget what was inspiring me. The title “wanderlost” and some other titles of songs/album concepts/etc. all came from these little collages I was making online. So as I was gathering clips and posting them online, I was also making music. Some music was inspired directly by visuals, and some visuals I picked because I was working on a lyric or melody that felt close to that image. It was very symbiotic and precious.

You’ve also been involved in theater, which I’m sure adds another level of intricacy to your overall art. What can you take from being on a theatrical stage to being on a musical one?

Theater is a playground. I never saw the stage as something to fear—it was actually a place I’d rather be. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up; I just wanted to be curious and to grow. Theater unlocked my potential. I found a lot of characters that I resonated with—but I had this pit in my stomach that said, “You can learn all you want about other characters. But when are you gonna stop running from yourself?” I think I woke up after I heard that. And never thought “Oh, I’m transitioning,” but rather just kept following my curiosity and my passions, which lead me to writing my own music.

You’re somewhat of a mystery, based on the lack of biographical information on both your website and Facebook page. So tell me: What does a one-sentence morgxn biography look like?

The only people for me are the mad ones.

You’re a brand-new artist, yet you got an opening gig with Skylar Grey on your very first tour. How did that come about?

Timing and luck. I’ve been finishing up this EP while going through some intense family shit…but all the while I wanted to get the music right. Finally I pulled the trigger and said, “I can’t wait for it to all make sense; I am releasing this music.” I put out “love you with the lights on” in June and that was really the start. That song was the anchor to the EP and I wanted to drop that in the water. Skylar was prepping for her fall tour and I’m told she received a bunch of requests to open for her—my music being the last one to come in the inbox. It’s very simple: They liked the music, and the timing to take me on the road was right. I’m excited to be playing every night with her.

It sounds as if you view love as something akin to a drug: chasing, getting, wanting more. Is that a positive or a negative thing? Do you think we as a society are obsessed with finding intimacy?

First of all, I love this question. Intimacy is all around you; what’s scary is letting it affect you. All I want is love…it’s just not easy. Online dating is like shopping, and dating is like it felt being forced to eat all your vegetables when you were a kid. Society is not obsessed with intimacy: society is obsessed with immediacy. The two can totally intersect. And I think I’m looking for that intersection.

What inspires your songwriting?

Books and images. | Laura Hamlett

You can catch morgxn on tour with Skylar Gray this fall.

09.23 | The Lodge @ Regency, San Francisco
09.24 | Wonder Ballroom, Los Angeles
09.25 | Nectar Lounge, Seattle
09.27 | The Regent Theatre, Los Angeles
09.28 | Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix
09.30 | The Bluebird Theatre, Denver
10.03 | Studio B, Minneapolis
10.04 | El Club, Detroit
10.06 | Lincoln Hall, Chicago
10.08 | The Rave, Milwaukee
10.10 | U Hall, Washington DC
10.11 | (Le) Poisson Rouge, New York

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