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prof milo-greene_sm“Vegan chicken and waffles for me; normal chicken and waffles for the rest of the band. With serious syrup.”



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The clear sweetness of Milo Greene’s self-titled debut LP has been caressing the eardrums of listeners for a while now, garnering critical praise and new fans, left and right. The group is currently following up their first U.K. run with a U.S. tour, including March dates with another fine band, Stars. (I am a little pouty that there is no St. Louis date on the current tour, but dates in Louisville (3/16), Chicago (3/23), and Kansas City (3/29) would make for great road trips…) I appreciate band member Graham Fink taking time to answer my questions. (Milo Greene also includes Robbie Arnett, Andrew Heringer, and Marlana Sheetz, all of whom share lead and backing vocals—and, often, instruments—with Fink, along with drummer Curtis Marrero.)

I have watched the album’s companion film MODDISON several times now and just love it. Is this something you plan to do for each album, or do you have any other scoring projects in the works?

Thank you! I think every album will be different. We’re all interested in trying out new visual accompaniments to the music, as well as scoring other projects down the line.

I know you are very influenced by films and have even described your sound as “cinematic pop.” What do you think are some of the best soundtracks out there? Any films you’ve seen where you thought, “I wish I could have done the score to that”?

I own the soundtrack on cassette and it’s unreal. Oh, and Young Guns II by Bon Jovi. Oh, and Mallrats—love the Archers of Loaf tune on there. At least those are the answers my 15-year-old self would give.

What is your writing process? I understand that you all write as a collective; how do you navigate that?

Every song is different. A song can start with one or several of us, but we end up working it out together—developing parts, structure, harmonies, etc. We all write, and every song has to pass collective quality control and input.

Any plans for recording the second album yet?

We’ll be working on the new album throughout this year and we’ll see how things develop. We’ve got some ideas up our sleeves.

Last time you were in St. Louis, I reviewed your show and compared you to comfort food like “pot roast and mashed potatoes.” What’s your comfort food, both literally (food) and figuratively (music)?

Vegan chicken and waffles for me; normal chicken and waffles for the rest of the band. With serious syrup. Musically, Air or Mogwai.

I have also read you are big Fleetwood Mac fans, as am I. Christine McVie hung the moon as far as I’m concerned.  Do you ever cover their songs? Any favorites? (Mine would be “Tusk,” “Go Your Own Way,” and “Songbird.”)

My feel-good jam go-to is “Everywhere,” so you and I are on the same tip.

You’ve got a great deal of touring under your belt now. What are some of your favorite places you’ve been? Any good road stories? Are there any places you’ve not been that you are itching to go to?

Montreal was amazing. That’s the quintessential glory day off that we all remember fondly. We biked around the entire city and consumed delicious things at every turn. We’re hoping we get to Australia and Germany later this year, which we’re all giddy about. | Janet Rhoads

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