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“There is so much music out here, and so much to draw inspiration from.”


This spring, Miike Snow is bringing their headlining tour to the United States. This is the band’s first time touring together in over four years, and, based on early shows, co-founder Pontus Winnberg feels it will keep getting better. (Miike Snow also includes Christian Karlsson and Andrew Wyatt.) I got to chat with Winnberg during a break from his stacked world tour to pull out some special details on the life of Miike Snow and friends.

Which tour stop has been your favorite?

This is our third stop so far, and Seattle was the most fun. We were able to focus on our performance instead of something going down. We have such an elaborate setup, so sometimes everything that can go wrong, goes wrong.

What do you expect from each show?

With the tour going great thus far, the goal is to be better each time. We have so much more shows to do and we want to continue to improve each time.

What’s your favorite Miike Snow song to perform?

It really depends on the mood I am in, but right now, “Trigger” is my favorite; it gets us in tour mode. The song is 90% inspired and based on the song “The Diff’rence” by J Dilla. When we heard the song, it was fantastic, so there was nothing more to add to it.

Where else do you draw inspiration?

There is no specific source of inspiration for me, because there is so much music out here and so much to draw from. I’d say most of the songs we create come from jam sessions with my friends. We have so many friends that are artists and are beyond inspiring.

How do these jam sessions come together?

Most times, we just link up randomly. Although it’s never really organized, we always have magic come out of it. It has been the source of so many starts of our songs.

What do you think makes the band work so well together to get all this magic?

We all do a little bit of everything for the band. We work so well together; it’s like we’re an extended family. Nobody really outshines the other or does the most work. We all bring the same thing to the table, so nothing separates any of us from the other musicians in the group.

Where does the group get its ideas for videos?

A lot of our video ideas come from fans who submit them to us. Our second album had a lot of people sending us ideas; in fact, the director of the “Genghis Khan” video was actually a good friend of ours. The video has no subliminal messages to our sexual preferences; it was just a really cool twist to the story she created.

How do you feel about the love your latest video, “Genghis Khan,” is getting in the music scene?

I feel fantastic about all the love we are getting for the video. I’m not able to see the numbers that we are getting, but I’ve been hearing it’s going really well.

What’s next for Miike Snow?

We plan on continuing to do these world tours, and hopefully bring you all a new album and great new music along the way. | Alexy Irving

Miike Snow is set to hit The Pageant in St. Louis on May 23. Ticket information is available at www.miikesnow.com.

Miike Snow Spring U.S. Tour Dates

05.18 | Faena Theater, Miami Beach
05.19 | Moogfest, Durham NC
05.20 | Marathon Music Works, Nashville
05.21 | Hangout Music Festival, Gulf Shores AL
05.23 | The Pageant, St. Louis
05.24 | Headliners Music Hall, Louisville
05.26 | Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH
05.27 | Mr. Smalls, Millvale PA
05.28 | Boston Calling Music Festival, Boston
05.30 | Metropolis, Montreal
05.31 | Danforth Music Hall, Toronto
06.01 | Danforth Music Hall, Toronto
06.02 | Majestic Theatre, Detroit
06.04 } Governors Ball Music Festival, New York

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