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prof_campesinos_sm.jpgThere a lot of us and we all have so many ideas that sometimes we need to be reigned in.







When the opportunity to interview Los Campesinos! came along, I literally jumped at the chance. With mounting anticipation of a new album and the beginning of a U.S. tour, Los Campesinos! has much to be excited about.

And so I took a break from lounging on the beach in Michigan to make the long trek (five miles, to be exact) to the nearest Panera Bread and count down the minutes (while cursing my laptop for its continued need to not work properly when I need it) until my interview with Harriet, the multi-talented violinist, keyboardist, and vocalist of Los Campesinos! As I wait for her to clear out of the sound check area, I ask her where they are and she says "the Nine O’Clock Club or something like that" (the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., actually), continuing on explaining how much she likes it because the people are nice and there were seats available at the bar in the VIP section. I laugh, partly because she sounds so excited about it and partly because I know I would have the same exact response. My nervousness starts to slips away.


How is the tour coming along so far?

Good! We arrived in New York on Sunday and played a secret show at NYU.

I heard you toured with Broken Social Scene. What was your favorite tour?

We didn’t technically tour with Broken Social Scene but we played a couple shows with them. In the beginning we were like kids running around, and Broken Social Scene let us play a couple shows which really helped us understand how things go. Then of course we would name drop them all the time [laughs] when we had a manager. But as far as our favorite tour, we have liked all of them, but we really liked the U.K. tour with You Say Party! We Say Die!

How many tours have you guys done in America?

This is our third or fourth American tour; the first one was in 2007. We are really excited about this one because we are playing Lollapalooza, which is a really cool festival and I feel like we’ve gotten somewhere.

You guys recorded the new album in Connecticut. How was that?

We did half the recording in Connecticut, then went on tour and finished the recording in Seattle. Which I think was great, because the break in between recording gave us a chance to think things through and make changes if we felt they were needed.

Have you guys decided on a name for the new album?

We have a few we are thinking about but I shouldn’t say just in case we change our minds. But we are very excited about this new album. There a lot of us and we all have so many ideas that sometimes we need to be reigned in. We feel like this new album is a good progression from We Are Beautiful…We Are Doomed; we didn’t hold anything back on this one. I hope people will love it… or hate it. [Laughs] I would rather people have some sort of strong emotion about the music then just saying, "Eh, it’s OK."

When is the new album set to drop?

It should come out in February of the new year, but that’s not exact. We will be debuting some singles and working some songs into this tour so people can get a glimpse of it.

I have heard rumors of lineup changes. Is someone coming or going?

Yeah, Aleks is leaving. When we started this we had all just graduated from university but Aleks was on a five-year medical plan so she took two years off to be able to devote her time to music with full intentions to go back to school. Now, sadly, the time has come for her to go back to her studies. We are all pretty sad about it, but we knew it was coming so we are going to make this last tour with her really awesome. We are looking for a new female vocalist.

Do you guys have any prospects or have someone specific in mind?

Yeah, we have someone in mind but we aren’t going to announce it ’til later. We are just focused on this tour for the time. | Kate Nelson

Los Campesinos! is playing the Firebird Tuesday, August 11 with Girls.

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