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prof LelahellAl Insane, which means ‘the human’ in Arabic, is talking mainly about the insanity of humans.”



In Northern Africa—Algeria, to be precise—there is a death metal band so brutal, they would certainly have to be Swedish—or at least from Tampa Bay, Fla. However, that is not the case: Lelahell is Algerian through and through.

Like many extreme metal bands, its sound is deafening to the uninitiated and too hard to hear for the slight of heart, or ears. Recently, front man Redouane Aouameur took the time to answer some questions. Naturally, I was curious about a great many things—the first being metal in Northern Africa.

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I never thought about a metal scene in Northern Africa. Can you tell me how big the scene is?

The scene isn’t so big as you can imagine, but it is existing since more than two decades and there are some good promising bands.

Which album got you into extreme metal?

The first one is Human [by Death] and the second one is Legion [by Deicide]. It was around 1993. I was totally fascinated. The addiction had begun! During this period it was really hard to get such music, because we were really few persons who were listening to death metal.

Who are your main influences?

We don’t have any particular influences; we get our inspiration from everything related to death metal and all brutal stuffs, and some local music.

How did you start the band?

Lelahell was founded in 2010 by me, first as a one-man band. In the end of 2011, coinciding with the end of the EP recording, Nihil [bass] and Slave Blaster [drums], two talented musicians from Barbaros, joined the band.

Tell me about the title of your album. What does it mean?

The album has two titles: Al Insane, which means “the human” in Arabic, and which is talking mainly about the insanity of humans. The second name [Al Intihar] is a metaphor that refers to the Algerian metal scene, and we hope that this album will contribute to its (re) birth.

How long did it take you to write and record it?

I started the writing process of guitars, album, and structures just before the EP release in spring 2012; after that, we spent around six month to finalize the album. In January 2013, we started to record drums; two months later, we started the recording of bass and guitars. The vocals were recorded in August 2013, just before our first tour.

After that, I was going to mix and master the album, but it was difficult to find a suitable sound for our music, which was the most arduous part of the recording process. We decided to search for a producer, and by the time we found someone for that, we were in December 2013. The album was mixed and mastered by Ivan from Anthropocide studio from Belarus. He did a great job—this guy is very patient and talented—and the album was finalized in March 2014.

Where do you plan to go from here?

For December, we have a European tour planned in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and France. It is called Al Insane Tour. After that, we’ll start the writing process of our second full-length. Our main goal is to make music, play all around the world—and, of course, have fun. | Nik Cameron

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