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JoeEid 75Americana artist living in Los Angeles, Joseph Eid has a very holistic approach with his music.

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Born in Liberia, and New-York raised, Joseph released his first album, Human, back in November, performing a CD release show in LA and then coming home to New York to show his home state some love. He recently headlined a show in Liberia for New Year’s Eve— bringing about a profound sense of parallel construction in his music as well as in his life.

The magic of the music is something that he holds equally as close to home- he spent quite a long time during our interview discussing the support received from his friends and family and what is to come in the future:

What has been the feedback on your album?

“[The feedback has] been pretty close to what I expected. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback; I knew when I was working on it that something special was going on,” Eid said. “I took no short cuts from beginning to end.”

How do you feel about the album/ the music?

“It was just the right time and I was ready to come home and ready to share what I was building. It was magic … There’s something happening here that is bigger than me.” 

While there were a handful of songs that didn’t make the album, Eid feels that everything in the album is in its right place. 

Would you change anything in the album? Go back and edit it and make it different?

“I wouldn’t change anything, wouldn’t add anything or take anything away.”

And what about your family? How did they react to the album?

“I come from a really supportive family … my little niece she’s like 5 1/2 years old, she was in the front row and she knows every single word to every single song.”

What about music excites you the most?

“First and foremost, I consider myself a songwriter. That’s what excites me the most”

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?

“If I wasn’t going to be a singer songwriter, I was going to be a psychologist … I’ve always been told by people really close to me that I’m a really good listener, and I get a lot of inspiration from talking to people who are going through stuff … when you open up to someone or they open up to you, it allows you to open up in return; being vulnerable, opening up, and realizing that we all have the same story … and we are all dying for someone to sing about it or write about it.”

So, how did the music thing happen?

“When I was 5 years old, I wrote a poem [and had] that feeling of wanting to share it with people. In high school, I was in chorus, did musicals … I was writing and playing guitar in Manhattan and in a boy band in my early 20s. We split up … I moved to LA and really started focusing on my music.”

After spending about an hour on the phone with Joseph, it became abundantly clear that his perspective on his music as well as his dedication will land him exactly where he wants to be in due time.  Named by Music Connection as one of the Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists of both 2012, and 2013, this is it just the beginning. 

 My last question … New Year’s resolution, what is it:

 “I don’t have one and I’m completely okay with not having one. I’m a Virgo, so I love lists and I love resolutions and I’m doing that every day. I do my lists every morning, I’m in the New Year’s resolution zone every day.” | Kristyn Potter

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