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prof_reeves_sm.jpg"In the big scheme of everything, I’m making music; it’s my job and it’s my dream."








Jason Reeves’ entrance into the big biz entertainment machine was beyond charmed. If such instances were more prevalent, becoming a major-label musician would be considered as practical as opening a small business. Hailing from a quieter locale, Iowa City, Reeves never planned on setting up shop in Los Angeles. "I was just coming to record," he claims.

Perhaps the laidback and practical plan kept him calm and approachable. The second person he met in SoCal picked up on it…and latched on. "When I met [Colbie Caillat], we became really good friends very fast," he says. "So we started writing together. I ended up not going back to Iowa."

He also formed a close bond with Mikal Blue, who worked with Ken Caillat (Colbie’s dad), to produce Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors. Within a short period of time, Reeves gained the creative partnership and resources necessary to set his songwriting into motion. He was even offered a place to live. "I just sort of stayed with [Caillat] and her family for a long time. Through all of that, we wrote her first album together and a bunch of other songs. We turned into brother and sister since we lived with her parents."

Caillat’s 2007 debut album, Coco, earned platinum prestige and gave Reeves some industry legroom. Within the same year, he released The Magnificent Adventures of Heartbreak (and Other Frightening Tales). At first, it was only available online and via live performance. His heartfelt, unmanufactured sound, coupled with bravely blatant vulnerability, received notable attention on iTunes and MySpace. Considering Reeves’ run of luck, it didn’t take long to attract ears from Warner Brothers. "I suppose a lot of exposure to the labels came from performing at The Hotel Cafe. I’d been playing there quite a bit around that time."

As heard in countless biographies, there are many downsides to dream contracts. Fortunately for Reeves, one of his major peeves is a strength in disguise. "I write constantly," he says. "I have way too much material. That’s the unfortunate part of this business. I can’t do everything I want when I want. I wish I could put out three records at a time." (Some of this abundant output can be heard on his MySpace page.)

At first glance, the unconventional syntax seems like homage to E.E. Cummings. However, striking images and personifications make it worth perusing. "I don’t believe in proper punctuation or capitalization," he admits. "I don’t like rules. I’m not trying to be some cool, defiant kid; I just have a thing against grammar and uptight customs. For some reason, I just like seeing lower cases for a visual. I don’t like following what people expect."

There is one thing that audiences should anticipate: more marvels from the fantastical world kept safe in Reeves’ head. Hopefully, he’ll maintain the balance and purity by only letting in those who’ve proven themselves as family. "My main goal is to not let the evil things and the business side of the industry eat me alive. It’s so easy for that to happen. It’s not like it doesn’t affect me; it brings me down quite often. In the big scheme of everything, I’m making music; it’s my job and it’s my dream. I’m just a crazy little kid who is astounded that this is my life." | Lauren Beckerle

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