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“Our bands had always played shows together, and always had band-crushes on each other, so it felt natural to start a new one with each other.”


If you read many of my reviews and interviews, you’ll know that I tend to write about what I love. (Isn’t that the best way to do it?)

So if you know that, you’ll know I love HUNNY, a six-piece made up of Jason Yarger (lead vocals, guitar), Jacob Munk (vocals, guitar), Jake Goldstein (guitar), Kevin Grimmett (keys, vocals), Gregory Horne (bass), and Joey Anderson (drums). I made that pretty apparent when I reviewed their Denver show last month. In fact, I love them more than a mere concert review can say, so I reached out to the band to answer a few questions. This way, I get to give them more pixels—and you get another chance to check out this catchy, clever, and talented band.

Your Facebook page says HUNNY was born in 2014. How did the band come together?

Jake Munk: We started HUNNY as two of our old bands were breaking up. Our bands had always played shows together, and always had band-crushes on each other, so it felt natural to start a new one with each other.

What’s your typical songwriting process?

Our songwriting process is kind of hyper-collaborative. Usually one of us will bring in an idea or a snippet of something, and we’ll all jam it until we decide on a direction to take it. All of us inevitably put our fingerprints on it, and we try to build it until we feel like it’s the best version of itself.

What would define “success” for HUNNY?

I’m not sure there’s a hard definition for it to us, but as long as people come to the shows and we can keep making music, I think we would all say that’s succeeding.

Everybody hates labels…so how would you classify your music?


What are some of the best “recommended if you like” comparisons you’ve received so far?

Someone compared us to Modest Mouse a while back; that was a cool one.

Which bird is your favorite? (I’m partial to shorebirds and waterfowl, myself.)

We’re all fans of the California Condor.

EPs, to me, are just mean: teases that give hungry listeners a taste but don’t let them eat the meal. When can we expect a full-length?

A full-length is coming, we promise. We’re working on a release for next year, just deciding how we want to present it to the world. | Laura Hamlett

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