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prof_gloriana_sm.jpgWe’re like brothers and sisters and I can promise that will never happen.







The Taylor Swift Fearless Tour catapulted Gloriana’s name into the open. Wild at Heart, their recent debut album and best-selling single, is the band’s formal testament as to why big names are taking notice and sharing stage time. To sum it up in 15 seconds or less: Two brothers stepped into the country music capital and found their melodic yin through the internet and a club performance. Once joined, the four began creating fluid, upbeat and dramatic harmonies reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’s vocal collaborations (but with more twang). I threw a few questions in Rachel Reintert’s direction, the band’s MySpace gem and token brunette alto.

prof_gloriana.jpgI heard that you played high school lunch periods. What’s the status on that?

I’m not sure if we’ll keep doing it when fall rolls around. We started back in April and went to high schools in the cities we played. At night, we’d perform our Taylor shows. It was pretty cool. Some kids made signs, were really enthusiastic and brought us food. I think it was great because the Taylor shows sold out so fast and with the way the economy is, not everyone was able to afford tickets. We figured, "Why not bring a little piece of it to them?" The reaction was fantastic.

Were Tom and Mike [Gossin] looking for a third bandmate?

They didn’t really have a set plan when they came to Nashville. After moving from North Carolina, the guys wanted to start meeting people and networking. By the time they found me and we started writing and playing, we just knew that this was something.

And what about finding the final fourth member?

Cheyenne [Kimball] came into the picture when she saw us play. I knew who she was because she had a record out and a reality show. I remember seeing her in the audience and thinking, "That’s so strange that she appeared completely by coincidence." She came up to us afterwards and we got to talking, hanging out and one thing led to another. We knew that she was experienced and talented. She was our missing link.

Gloriana has a distinct four-part harmony sound. What is everyone’s range?

There is no set formula. We aim for what sounds best and build around there. Naturally, Tom is tenor, Mike is bass, I’m alto and Cheyenne is soprano. It just depends on what sounds best. We can pretty much do anything.

What does Gloriana mean? Why did you guys choose it?

That was probably the hardest thing about this band. We had a slew of different names when the whole thing started. We were messing around with the name "Glory" to reflect the four-part harmony thing that we do. One day, we were in the studio recording and Mike threw out the name. A lot of people think that Gloriana is a girl or is named after the opera, but it’s not. It’s just a cool sounding name that we stuck with.

What kind of musical background do the guys have?

The guys had to learn to play one instrument and one sport starting at age five. They began performing in bands together in middle school. Both played in North Carolina clubs for almost ten years before moving to Nashville.

And what roots do the girls have?

When I was five year old, I started out in musical theater. I wanted to be on Broadway and went to a performing arts high school. A friend with a Nashville connection took me there around the time I was really getting into song writing and recording. When I was 15, I brought my little demo of songs to a publisher and they were published. Cheyenne has been playing since she was eight years old. She picked up guitar because her biological father, whose dream was to be a country music singer, bought it for her. She won a talent competition and got a record deal at 13; she landed a reality show at 15.  

Band members and dating: two guys, two girls. What are your thoughts?

Absolutely not. We’re like brothers and sisters and I can promise that will never happen.

Tell me about Taylor.

She is so good to us. Taylor included us in her webisodes and blogs while also bringing us onstage for her encores. She’s really trying to help get us out there. We all have a personal relationship with her. If I’m having some kind of guy trouble, I can go and talk to her about it and she gives me real insight and advice. She’s just a real friend, a great person and very smart.

If fans would like to get in touch with you, what is a good way to do so?

We are linked to Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and Facebook. I read them all the time. There are so many wonderful people who follow us and send us amazing messages and videos. That’s what it’s all about. We have a bulletin board on the tour bus that’s dedicated to fan photos and notes. It’s nice to look at everyday and is one of the biggest reasons why we do what we do. | Lauren Beckerle

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