Fame, Chicks, and a Barbie Corvette | The Lashes

We think of our band as a movie, ’cause that’s what everybody wants: to live your life like you’re in a movie.”




Ben Clark is my new best friend. He’s been touted as the “Greatest. Interview. Ever.” and he lives up to that reputation. When I call, he answers the phone with an improvised song: “Helloooo!” he sings. “Hello new friend!” I am in instant band love.

Clark fronts the Lashes, a Seattle sextet. Think sun-drenched days and body-warmed nights. Think together time, with friends or lovers. Think of receiving divine messages spray-painted on brick alley walls, and taking them to heart, putting them to music.

Next, think of a brotherhood—a fraternity, if you will. “We all have an equal share of the band and all of us have an equal share in the songwriting,” explains Clark, after the accordion has died down. “We’ve all made sacrifices to get to this point, and if we make it, everybody’s gonna make it, and have a great time making it.”

As for making it, the Lashes are well on their way. Following 2005’s Stupid, Stupid EP, the band’s Columbia Records debut hit the stores last month; “Sometimes the Sun,” their catchy-as-hell first single, is all over both radio and TV airwaves. Their main objective? To make their band the best movie ever.

“We have big ideas; we’re all little dreamers,” explains Clark. “We all quit college, girlfriends, and normal life for living in a basement and going on tour to play rock ’n’ roll for people. So we think of everything in like these big, symbolic ways. We think of our band as a movie, ’cause that’s what everybody wants: to live your life like you’re in a movie.”

In the movie that’s my life, people have dreams and aspirations; similarly, the Lashes have a song called “Please Please Please” (also known as “This Is Not a Smiths Song,” according to Clark: “I think that a deadline passed or something and I forgot to change out the title”), a song “about wanting a record deal disguised as a song about wanting a girl. Those are really the two things that either any of us have ever really wanted. Although I think Scotty wanted a Barbie Corvette when he was seven and a half.”

So there you have it: A band that’s all for one, one for all, and that can’t take itself seriously. Readers, meet my new best friends.

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