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prof Echosmith-smWe grew up playing Guitar Hero, so it’s such an honor and accomplishment to have our song featured in it.




Chino, Calif., band Echosmith has been on the road for a very long time. Their debut album Talking Dreams has been out for just over two years, and their recent (mostly) sold out run with Twenty One Pilots has taken them to legendary places like Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the Ryman Auditorium and festivals throughout the country. Now as the tour wraps up the band looks to record a new album, as well as remember playing in front of potential new fans every night. We spoke with bassist Noah Sierota—who’s accompanied in the band by his three siblings, Graham, Sydney, and Jamie—in advance of their St. Louis show.

prof Echosmith

You’ve been on this current tour for a while now; how is it going so far?

This tour has been an exciting one. It’s surely had different mishaps (different health problems, all being taken care of), but the shows have been so incredible. We’ve already played legendary venues across the country, and we are excited to play some more.

Twenty One Pilots have a very passionate fan base. Has that translated to any awkward moments on stage, or has it all been positive response?

The fun part about playing for a passionate crowd—that literally sold out some of these shows in minutes—is that it gives a different new crowd to play in front of. These shows have been packed with Twenty One Pilots fans that know our singles but not much else. It’s exciting to play for crowds where a majority of the people are possibly new fans of our music. It gives us fun goals to try and accomplish.

How does it feel to have “Cool Kids” featured in the new Guitar Hero game? It kind of seems for a younger band it would be like being an athlete seeing themselves in Madden for the first time.

As most people our age, we grew up playing Guitar Hero (though I was never very good), so it’s such an honor and accomplishment to have our song featured in it. I suppose the next step would be for us to try and play it on the game.

Is there anything you can do on the road to make you feel like you’re at home, or do you just have to embrace that you aren’t?

I suppose the best way to enjoy being away from home is experiencing the cultures of the places we are at. We stay connected to home through phone calls to friends and loved ones, but we try to experience every city for what it is.

I saw on your Twitter feed that Sydney likes to cook on the road, when possible. Do you have a special family meal from your childhood you like to make for everyone?

We bought a grill on this tour, so we’ve gotten to have different nights where we grill different things for everyone. Steak has been a common meal for us, and I’m not complaining!

It feels like there is a wave of bands the past few years that draw heavily on ’80s influences, Walk the Moon and Grouplove to name two. What do you do to make yourselves different from those bands?

What we try to aim for is to create a sound that is attached to our influences, but unique to us. We try to just write from our personal experiences and record ideas without rules. We’re excited to be able to record new music and try the different ideas we’ve been thinking about.

What’s the update on new music? You’ve obviously been on the road a lot lately, but what do the next six months to a year hold?

Beginning next year, we are going to start recording our next record. We’re about to start really writing for it soon.

Our St. Louis show on Halloween has been sold out for a while now; any ideas for costumes yet?

We have some ideas; but they are being kept a secret. You will just have to find out! | Bruce Matlock

Echosmith will join Twenty One Pilots for a sold-out show at Chaifetz Arena October 31.

Band photo by Nicole Nodland

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