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Recently, Davey Suicide wowed fans on tour with Combichrist. Truly, he was the real star of the night, delivering an engaging set of gritty, industrial-based hard metal. After the set, I had a chance to sit down with the man himself, and found him heartening, potent, smart, and a little funny.

After asking about the tour—which he said was going great—I put the question to him: Is rock music really dead? As KISS demon himself Gene Simmons said, has file sharing killed rock? “I think it’s a new generation,” Suicide replied. “He is obviously used to the traditional way of releasing an album and big sales from that. You have to evolve with time. But that can be said of any business today.”

I always wonder who artists like Suicide are listening to. “Right now, I’m listening to our new album a lot, trying to perfect the new material. Other than that, I like Vampire Killers a lot.”

Suicide’s new album, Woirldwide Suicide, runs the gamut from killingly heavy to quite melodic. When parallels are drawn between Suicide and artists like Marilyn Manson, Suicide is not upset by them. “I think we are quite different from [Manson]. A different genre. But it’s cool; I understand the comparison.”

When I asked what bands he would like to tour with in the future, Suicide had no problem dropping some serious names: “Bands like Manson, Rob Zombie, Korn, Alice Cooper. That would be great.”

With a new album, new tour, and new fans, the future looks über bright for Davey Suicide. Fans hope for a headlining tour soon, and it may not be very long before we see just that. Check out Worldwide Suicide and see for yourself what the Nation is all about. | Marc Farr

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