Blood on the Dance Floor: The End of the Era of Blood

A decade of debauchery and heavy-hitting songs is over, and it’s on to the future for Dahvie Insanity.


The Florida duo known as Blood on the Dance Floor is reaching a milestone in its career celebrating a decade of debauchery, constant touring, and proving themselves. While the lineup changed in their early years, the duo—made up of Dahvie Vanity (now Dahvie Insanity) and Jayy Von Monroe—has been the most consistent lineup since 2006.

After six albums and several EPs, BOTDF has established a very loyal fan base. Emo kids everywhere, and even those who are not emo, have embraced the band in a big way. There seems to be no middle ground with this band: you either love them or you hate them.

Either way, the band has been a success. Even the critics’ panning provides negativity that drove the band to be even better. No one label—with exception of the band’s own, donning it “death Pop,” can pigeonhole this act. With a sound created from almost every popular genre known—pop, rap, metal, crunkcore, and synth-based new wave—the band takes you on a decadent music journey. And while some of their lyrics are in-your-face with sexuality, their main message is one of self-worth and self-love.

Vocalist Dahvie Insanity (who changed his name this year, stating, “I am not the same person I was 10 years ago”) is a firm believer in being true to oneself. Pursuing one’s dreams, and letting nothing stop them is one of Insanity’s mottos. And he has lived it, as has his partner in crime, Jayy Von Monroe. The openly gay co-lead singer is a very down-to-earth guy. Approachable and kind, he is the opposite of the sexual animal you see on stage, though he is a character at times.

So, what about the music: Is this a band of nothing but image and no substance?

Absolutely not. BOTDF’s musical style ranges from pop to metal, with rap thrown in. If this sounds a little off or overdone, it has never been approached in this way. The combining of genres, using the best of each one, makes for a killer, approachable, fun sound. Yet, the band can be serious…very serious. While this group may not be for everyone, in the way of New York’s Scissor Sisters, BOTDF’s appeal has hit hard in emo, gothic, and dark music lovers.

The band is celebrating their 10th anniversary with the “A Decade of Blood Tour.” Sadly, the band has announced that this will be their last tour. According to Insanity, BOTDF will be going on a long hiatus, making time for other projects the duo would like to pursue. Yet, according to inside sources, the band will not be reforming at any time, at least in the near future. This may be the last-ever BOTDF tour. Insanity will be doing this final tour without Vonn Monroe, bringing an era to an end.

Insanity will go on with his BOTDF-influenced project, Sinners Are Winners. Musically, he has grown, and says the split was not filled with anger, yet a knowledge that he and Vonn Monroe were growing apart creatively.

After an astonishing six opening acts, including Will F.M., Sifting, and Illinois’ own crunkcore band Another Day Drowning, the band took the stage. The crowd, though small in number, was rabid. Before the show, diehard fans enjoyed the VIP Experience, which included a Meet and Greet with Insanity, free merchandise, photo ops, and more. Yet, those who were not lucky enough to have the VIP ticket needn’t have worried, as Insanity spends time with all of his fans—and sitting through six other acts shows true fan dedication.

This dedication is not surprising, as BOTDF has a very versatile fan base, consisting of music fans of all ages and sexes. With songs including “Unforgiven,” from their seminal album Evolution, as well as fan favorites like “Incomplete and All Alone” and the sex-driven “Candyland,” the set list was short but potent. Ater the show, fans were treated to an unplugged, acoustic set by Insanity, which brought tears to the eyes of some. His acoustic rendition of “Don’t Want To Be Like You” was touching, reminding us why we love this band—and this man.

A Decade of Blood is now over. And whether you love them or hate them, BOTDF has laid the path for self-made, self-promoted music and art, as well as making every fan feel special.

When asked about the death of the group, Insanity says, “What happens when there is a death in one’s life? They are reborn. That’s how I feel. Going on with the future, and that future is Sinners Are Winners.”

Without Jayy Von Monroe, this is a different show. Many fan favorites will sound different without his vocals. In that sense, there’s a slight feeling of loss, and the whole show lies on Insanity’s shoulders. Can he pull it off? Certainly, as BOTDF has always been his baby. But he says he will tour with Sinners Are Winners. Hopefully, he will visit the BODTF catalog on that tour. A decade of debauchery and heavy-hitting songs is over, and it’s on to the future for Dahvie Insanity. | Marc Farr

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