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“We wanted to do something fun, and what came out was R&B songs played by a rock trio.”

Audio Damn

After just one listen of their self-titled debut EP, I fell in love with German three-piece AudioDamn! The band is composed of Oliver Wimmer (vocals, guitar), Ali Grumeth (bass, guitar), and Daniel Mudrack (drums). Despite their European roots, this is a band of soulful, rocking white guys who sing seductive songs in English. If you don’t have the EP, I highly recommend rectifying that immediately. In the meantime, let’s get to know Wimmer and his band.

I can’t find any semblance of a bio on the band, so let’s start from the beginning. How did AudioDamn! come together?

With this band, we just wanted to do something fun, you know? Just go into the rehearsal room and try things, record differently—live without click—and write freely, and what came out was R&B songs played by a rock trio.

Give me a brief sentence or two on the band’s history.

AudioDamn! was formed in Mannheim, Germany. Ali and I knew each other from the dangerously small music scene in Austria—and also because we played in a band together. Mudi studied at the same music university in Mannheim.

Where do you get inspiration?

We love artists like the Foo Fighters or Black Keys but we also love pop acts like Justin Timberlake, Ne-Yo, Usher…we draw inspiration from a lot of sources. Gaslight Anthem’s “American Slang” was, for example, our inspiration for playing our recordings live.

How does pop music differ in, say, Germany, as compared to the United States? To the rest of the world?

As you might know, America has a massive impact on the music world in Europe. We listen to a lot of American music in Germany/Austria/Switzerland. But we do have our own pop culture and pop music, even in our own native language, and there’s great stuff to listen to. I’d recommend Peter Fox, Jan Delay, or Kraftklub (more rock). The reason why we, in particular, wanted to sing English was because we got inspired by so much American music that it just felt natural to us. And fun.

What can audiences—both new to and familiar with the band—expect from the tour?

We enjoy playing music! Feel free to dance, nod your head, scream, or take your clothes off. It’s gonna get a little gritty and a little funky from time to time, and there’s even room for a sweet ballad on the acoustic guitar. We’re gonna play our EP and a good mix from the rest of the songs on our unreleased debut record, as well as our new single, “Don’t Call Me When It’s Over.” | Laura Hamlett

AudioDamn! is on the road this spring with Highly Suspect.

04.08 | The Crocodile, Seattle
04.11 | Neurolux, Boise
04.12 | The State Room, Salt Lake City
04.14 | Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas
04.15 | Rebel Lounge, Phoenix
04.18 | Launchpad, Albuquerque
04.20 | Black Sheep, Colorado Springs
04.21 | Bluebird Theater, Denver
04.23 | Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln NE
04.24 | Riot Room, Kansas City
04.26 | Outland Ballroom, Springfield MO
04.28 | Metroplex Live, Little Rock
04.29 | Club Dada, Dallas
04.30 | Paper Tiger, San Antonio
05.01 | The Parish, Austin

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