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Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls answers a quickie before coming to town this week.

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the formation of Boston-based duo, The Dresden Dolls. After a decade of bringing us  two full length studio albums, some live recordings and EPs, DVDs, music videos and countless mind blowing live shows, Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione have decided to come back around on a short tour of middle America.
I was able to procure a short e-mail interview from front-woman Amanda Palmer amidst her busy schedule. Here, she shares with us some of her views on touring as a solo artists and a member of The Dresden Dolls and the personal importance of involvement in social movements.

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Your tour this year is only a few November dates, mostly in Midwestern and Southern cities. How did you decide where to play this time around?

We simply wanted this tour to be as fun as possible, since the band has been apart for so long and didn’t want to deal with any pressure. So we picked some of our favorite spots in the middle of country to keep things low-maintenance and enjoyable.

How has the tour been so far?

It’s worked like a charm, we’re about five shows in and having an absolute blast. I did a spontaneous crowd-surf last night in Kentucky. It was inspired.

Since the release of your last studio album (Yes, Virginia [2006]), both of you have been busy pursuing solo careers and side projects. How has this affected you as an individual artist and The Dresden Dolls as a band?

I think we’ve both had long-term lessons in why the band is a great band. As a duo, we have an incredible energy that simply isn’t to be found anywhere else, and one mustn’t take it for granted.
The band seems to be very involved in the LGBT Rights movement. How is your participation in this particular cause important to you guys?

Well, I’m bisexual and Brian has never made a secret of his love of wearing women’s clothes. So many of our friends and fan base are queer and it just seems like an obvious choice to remind people that we’re all human. Coming from a liberal town in Massachusetts, I often forget how hard it is for kids in conservative towns to simply be themselves. There’s so much fear out there. So I feel like we have a small responsibility to give those kids a constant reminder that they’re ok.
Who are your top 3 musical influences and why?

Kurt Weill because he opened up the world of non-sentimetal musical theater to my young brain.
The Legendary Pink Dots for priming my songwriting brain to stretch as far outward and inward as possible.
Leonard Cohen for giving me something to shoot for that I will never hit.
And finally, what is your favorite karaoke song?

Jesus. If you asked me right now I’d probably want to do "Eyes without a Face" [Billy Idol].


The Dresden Dolls will be performing tonight at The Pageant with special guests Sleepy Kitty. Tickets are $23, show starts at 8:00 pm. | Nicole Madden

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