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Singer /songwriter Adam Marsland had done something rarely before seen. Instead of releasing a new album, he decided to revisit his debut CD, the double disc Go West, an album celebrating its 5th anniversary. I recently asked the artist some questions regarding the album and tour—and a few personal questions, as well.

Marsland is philosophical about touring. “The past 13 months is the most I’ve been on the road in 10 years. The ‘changing clothes in the bathroom thing’ has gotten old. But that’s just how it is. If you get enough sleep and don’t have a string of bad crowds, then it’s not a bad existence.”

Not a bad existence at all. Most artists would love to be able to tour on any scale, so Marsland is lucky in that respect. “I like playing more than I ever have. I’m not even concerned if it’s not much of a crowd or whatever.”

I have always found it interesting to ask an artist who they are listening to right now. “NPR!” replied Marsland. “Because I have to listen to so much music or work, I don’t listen to music [in the car] very much. When my bass player was on the road with me for a few dates, I pulled up a lot of ’70s yacht rock on YouTube. That was fun.”

Go West is quite a musical jaunt, leaving the listener with many different emotions. I asked Marsland what he wants listeners to take from the album. “Whatever part of it resonates for them,” he said. “People have talked about how autobiographical it is, but it’s really intended to be about everyone’s universal experience as they enter adulthood and grow older.”

With the album seeing its five-year anniversary, I wondered if it would be time for a new album after the tour. “Probably not right away. I do full time production and session work in L.A. [By my calculations], I have recorded the equivalent of 40 albums in the past several years; they just haven’t been under my name mostly.

“I’ve enjoyed casting light on Go West, and I feel if i can get more attention for the work I’ve already done and that maybe people haven’t caught up with. I can lay the platform for something new.”

Reminiscent of older Fleetwood Mac, Elvis Costello, and even touches of Prince, the double CD Go West set is vivacious, somber, and meaningful. Spotlight tracks include the Beatles-esque “1 in 4” with its provocative lyrics, and “When I Lied to Everyone,” which has guitar riff–laden rhythms and a sing-able chorus. Overall, Go West is an eclectic album, marrying many different rock styles, yet never veering far from the basics in the genre. | Marc Farr

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