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It’s rare for me to click a link to a single Soundcloud song of a band I’ve never heard of. I’m really not a fan of Soundcloud; it has not been my friend. I prefer to orchestrate, to match writers with music, to coax words out of them and recede into the background, editing without putting my name on the piece.

For some reason, though, I clicked this one. This action on my part was particularly odd, as the press release was an entire sentence. One sentence. And yet, somehow, it worked.

Oakland’s Wax Idols is playing St. Louis soon—this coming Wednesday—so I didn’t have much time to do anything with it. And yet I dashed off some questions. That’s because the song on Soundcloud, “When It Happens,” is truly awesome. It took me back to the early days of post-punk, back when post-punk really was post-punk—it was what followed in Britain after the punk invasion, before New Wave took over and ruled the airwaves.

Wax Idols is Jen Mundy (rhythm guitar/vocals), Amy Rosenoff (bass), and Keven Tecon (drums). Their sophomore disc, Discipline & Desire, just came out last month on Slumberland Records. They’re on tour for another week yet, ending in Brooklyn at Shea Stadium. Before we turn the page on the calendar, though, there’s Wednesday at The Heavy Anchor here in St. Louis.

Mundy took some time post-show to answer a couple of my questions. Let this be your introduction to the band.

Listening to your music takes me back to the late ’70s/early ’80s, when bands like the Buzzcocks, Athletico Spizz 80, The Stranglers, and Wire ruled the Brit-punk and U.S. college airwaves. Where do you take your inspiration?

I just love music. I’ve always been obsessed with it. I definitely love the Buzzcocks and Wire, among many other bands and artists. This is such a broad question…I don’t know. I’m glad that our music reminds you of things that I like. We can only process what we receive, right?

What was the best year/scene for music, and why?

I’m not sure if it’s happened yet or not.

You sound more like English clouds than California sun. Do you write in a windowless, dimly lit basemen, or what?

I write wherever I am, whenever I have something to write. Yeah, I guess that has included some basements. I was just in a dark basement a few minutes ago.

Give me one sentence that tells those unfamiliar with your songs what to expect from the show.

Fuck your expectations. (You could take that as aggressive, dismissive, or sexual—totally up to you.) | Laura Hamlett

Wax Idols plays The Heavy Anchor in St. Louis on Wednesday, April 24, at 8 p.m.

Wax Idols on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waxidols

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