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The U.K.’s newest rock sensations, The Struts, are on the move. With their singles “Could Have Been Me” and “Kiss This” receiving stateside airplay, a U.S. tour under their belts, and tons of press attention, the pace is dizzying. Not since the second British invasion—Oasis, The Blur, The Stone Roses, and the Verve—has a U.K. band seemed to garner so much attention and generate so much excitement.

I was able to catch up with front man and vocalist LU.K.e Spiller as he changed trains in London.

What has this year been like for you?

It’s been great, but tiring. On the whole, though, great for me.

Have you noticed any differences between U.K. and U.S. audiences?

American audiences are slightly rowdier and really like to have a good time. Your country has given us a lot of radio support and other countries haven’t yet.

What is the current U.K. music scene?

If the U.K. music scene was divided into a club, we’d be the 17-year-old geeks that aren’t allowed in with the cool people. [laughs]

Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

No, not really; I prefer doing exactly what I want to do. I also think it’s important to be careful about who you collaborate with. I guess it’s just not that important to me right now.

When are you heading back to the studio?

We’re constantly working on music, but I can’t write on the road. Plus, I don’t want to sing anymore than I have to, especially after performing every night. We are heading into a studio in Santa Monica in January to lay down some new stuff. I might be producing the sessions with just an engineer.

What has been the highlight of 2015 so far?

Our show in New York was definitely a highlight. We had some big shows in Europe and in Japan, too.

Who is the most impressive person you’ve met?

Mick Jagger was really cool, and that’s a big highlight. He’s obviously a great guy and a huge influence on the band and me.

Are you recognized when you go out in public?

I would like to think I am [laughs], but I don’t think that’s a reality. Our presence isn’t as strong here [England] as it is in the States.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in a band?

I’d probably be working in fashion and doing my own thing.

Do you like songwriting with any outside writers?

Yes, we do collaborate with others. I think it’s important in this day and age to do so. We would love to find a George Martin. A producer or songwriter should be a great relationship.

You seem to be influenced by the fashion and music of the ’70s. What is it you identify with?

The 70s just click with me, and that’s that. Some people love the 80s and that’s fine, too.

The 70’s were known for excess and big shows. Is that something you identify with?

Yeah, it’s the only way I know how to do it. It just seems like second nature to me. We like putting on a great show and also paying attention to entertaining the audience.

Why do you think American audiences and U.S. radio have embraced the Struts?

Great people surround us, and that has a lot to do with it. We have proper management and a label that’s giving us attention. And, of course, we try to write the best songs and play the best live shows possible.

Do you think a lot of bands just phone in their live shows?

Yeah, sure, as far as some signed acts go. I think unsigned acts have to care and try harder to put on a real show. Unfortunately, some labels don’t strive to sign bands that put on a great show. I like showmanship in music.

I heard your costumes are designed by the same person who designed Freddie Mercury’s.

Yes; fashion is a big part of music. It always has been and I like music to have a visual impact.

What can fans expect at your show in St. Louis?

We’ll be trying a few tracks or selections. We’re looking forward to coming back! | Doug Tull

The Struts will be playing The Point’s HoHo Show with Greek Fire and Highly SU.S.pect on Monday, December 7, 2015, at
The Pageant

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