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“We jumped out of the spaceship into ‘The Greener Side’ forest, started writing songs, and all lived happily ever after.”

One of the biggest rewards of being a music journalist is going through press releases. Sure, it can get overwhelming sometimes—I get a lot—but I also get to discover music I wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

I liked Plaid Brixx at first listen and immediately requested their 2016 self-titled EP. Turns out that attention-grabber “Since You Came” is accompanied by four other songs of equal quality. There’s an ‘80s throwback sound melded with strong vocals and driving beats: fun by anyone’s standard.

Although currently on tour with We the Kings, Plaid Brixx frontman Chris Duggan (vocals and guitar; he’s accompanied by Mark LeRose on drums and Jared Sawaya on bass) took the time to answer a few of my questions.

I’ve never heard of any of the artists you list as liking on your Facebook page. I consider myself somewhat current on new music, so I will surely check them out. In general, though, what evaluative criteria do you use when deciding you like a band?

Music choices are highly personal and can be about the performance or the aesthetics, but for me, it’s always all about their music. And it’s one of those things that’s hard to describe…but you know a great song when you hear it.

Eating great pizza is a very rewarding interest to have. How is Columbus as a pizza town? What’s your favorite? [Note: If you have time in Denver, I highly recommend Ernie’s. We’ve got more than a few microbreweries here, too.]

Columbus has pretty great pizza and our favorite place is Mikey’s Late Night Slice. But my favorite all-time pizza can be found in NYC at Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street. We will be sure to check out Ernie’s in Denver and let you know what we think!

Last summer’s self-titled EP is super awesome. Any ETA for a full-length?

Once we finish this tour, the focus is going to be on new music. Early this year, I went to L.A. for another collaboration on three songs with The Agency (Mike Molina and Nelson Kyle, who produced the self-titled EP). So those songs will be done shortly, plus I have about 20 more in various stages. Definitely you’ll be hearing some new Plaid Brixx tunes…although we haven’t yet decided whether they’ll be released as singles or an album.

What sets your songwriting process apart from other bands?

I think everyone has a slightly different process. Mine starts with the beats and then I add the melody and finish up with lyrics, which are always the hardest thing for me. But no matter what the process, the key thing is to be authentic: to get your message across. Our messages for our most recent EP are to make people happy with fun, high-energy songs (e.g., “The Greener Side”) and to encourage people to move toward their goals, whatever those may be (e.g. “Renegades”). We love creating music and sharing it with our fans.

I want to ask how the band came together, but most bands’ stories of origin are the same: We met in high school/college/art school and realized we all liked making music…(you get the idea). Unless your story involves someone falling out of an airplane or rising from the dead, what crazy, memorable story can you come up with?

You are so right about the band backstories all being the same! How about we go with this one? We were all on a spaceship with Yoyo the Ricecorpse (a lovely woman who lives in London and does fabulous animated videos) and decided that we would make some music so she could create videos for us. And then we jumped out of the spaceship into “The Greener Side” forest, started writing songs, and all lived happily ever after. | Laura Hamlett

Plaid Brixx’s tour with We the Kings continues into April; remaining dates are below.

03.13 | The Marquis Theater, Denver
03.14 | In the Venue, Salt Lake City
03.16 | Social Hall, San Francisco
03.17 | Troubadour, West Hollywood
03.19 | The Constellation Room, Santa Ana
03.21 | Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas
03.24 | Paper Tiger, San Antonio
03.25 | So What?! Music Festival, Dallas
03.27 | The Masquerade (Hell Stage), Atlanta
03.28 | The Side Bar Theatre, Tallahassee
03.29 | High Dive, Gainesville
03.30 | The Orpheum, Tampa
04.01 | The Beacham, Orlando
04.02 | Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale

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