Linkin Park & Incubus | Come Together

“You get to see all the dirty parts and you get to be around all the unsavory things about each other’s personalities”


This years Honda Civic Tour featuring co-headliners Linkin Park and Incubus, is a tour that should have come together years ago, as lead singer of LP, Chester Bennington admits, “it feels like I’ve probably tried to figure out a way to get Linkin Park and Incubus on the road together at least once per cycle since probably Meteora.” The love appears quite mutual with Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd going as far as suggesting during the conversation, “I know a river in Ohio that we can go to and go camping and jump off of a rope swing and stuff .”
So with that much arena rock love going around between bands, what can fans expect? Both bands have always been loyal to older fans by mixing in a good selection of  tracks from their early albums, and so far this tour seems no different. Both bands have been including tracks like Linkin Park’s “With You”, “Papercut”, and “Faint”, as well as Incubus throwing in classic songs like “A Certain Shade of Green” and “The Warmth.” 
Boyd does seemingly admit that it might get tougher to play these songs with age by wondering aloud, “The term vaginaplasty came to mind, and if they can do that with technology, by the time you and I are in our 60s, why can’t they do laryngioplasty, where they can give us a 16-year-old’s throat?” 
Speaking on the subject of the immense amount the time the bands are together during a lengthy tour, both singers admitted that it can be a bit exhausting with Bennington admitting “there’s the dating phase, which is like, “Oh, you’re so awesome,” and everybody is so great, and then when you move in together it’s like, “Oh shit. Who am I actually, like, getting myself involved with?” You know, it’s like you get to see all the dirty parts and you get to be around all the unsavory things about each other’s personalities”. 
It’s seems both bands at the end of the day realize however that the band is a family, with Boyd explaining, “most of the times we ever have problems are when someone has under slept or is underfed. So as long as we have enough sleep and enough to eat, everyone’s usually hunky-dory.”
It’s not all about the headliners though. Opening band Mutemath released their last album Odd Soul in the fall of 2011 and haven’t stopped touring since. With their always quirky music videos and incredible live show the band will take to the stage in front of 15-25,000 possible new fans every night. 
What the band may lack in the headliners long list of hits, they more than compensate for with soulful vocal hooks of Paul Meany, intense keyboard laced jams, and the heavy hitting drums of Darren King. The New Orleans group is not a band to risk missing by showing up late, and will certainly give the headliners a run for best performance on any given night.  | Bruce Matlock

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