Jackson Browne | 11.03.12

jackson browne 75The all-acoustic show will encompass Browne’s entire extensive body of work through both the piano and the guitar.



As a highly devoted humanitarian, Jackson Browne has earned a considerable and comparable amount of honor and respect in the areas of charity, environmentalism, and social activism as he has in his four-decade-long musical career with the release of 13 studio albums. Browne, who just celebrated his 64th birthday in early October, co-founded both the Success Through the Arts foundation, which provides arts education in the Los Angeles area, and the Musicians United for Safe Energy, which has been in existence since shortly after the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident way back in 1979. He actively campaigns for several environmental causes including Plastic Free Backstage and Save Our Shores, and he lives in a completely “green,” wind turbine-powered home. In the last 30 or so years, he has probably participated in more benefit and fund-raising concerts and albums than any other artist or band.

Browne’s strongest and most well-known passion, however, has always been his songwriting, which equally expresses his desire for a better world, as well as his tried-and-true ability to thoroughly bare his heart and soul without sacrificing any of his artistic integrity. At their best, his songs are like old friends; still there when you need them to be, providing a sense of comfort when you are fortunate enough to find yourself in their presence.

What should you expect from his upcoming concert at the Fabulous Fox? Well, considering the show is just four days prior to Election Day, Browne will most likely briefly yet openly speak his mind on the subject of politics. Musically, the all-acoustic show will encompass Browne’s entire extensive body of work through both the piano and the guitar. And don’t be surprised if Browne accepts and performs impromptu requests from the audience—truly the highest form of fan appreciation—as he is known to still do on occasion.

Sara Watkins, the fiddle player from the Grammy-award winning trio Nickel Creek, will open the show. | Michelle Ulsohn

Jackson Browne performs in St. Louis at the Fox Theatre on Friday, November 2, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $43.50 to $58.50. For more information, visit www.fabulousfox.com.

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