Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone w/St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

“I intend to do every one of the Harry Potter, all eight of them. It’s such a great franchise.”


The world of Harry Potter is a place where anything can happen. From Quidditch games to battling Snape and the Death Eaters, the movies are actually quite intense. Now, Cine Concerts brings us all eight installments of the Harry Potter franchise, complete with our own St. Louis Symphony.

A movie without a good score is lost. The music brings out the emotion in a film. It is the soundtrack to the action, and without it, the drama of the overall piece is severely dampened. Imagine Chariots of Fire without that piano line; it wouldn’t be the same movie experience.

Cine Concerts creator/conductor Justin Freer is taking the orchestral Harry Potter show on the road. Rather than travel with a troupe of musicians, though, he prefers to use local symphonies to bring the music to life. I recently chatted with Freer, and asked him a few questions.

Out of all of the great films to choose from, why Harry Potter?

Because Harry Potter is truly magical. I adore it. To get the chance to watch those kids grow and make their way through Hogwarts is amazing. John Williams gave us such a great piece of work, and I wanted to bring that music, with the film, to the people.

When did you create Cine Concerts?

We founded about three years ago. We want to present the genre in a neat way, maybe in a way no one has seen before.

So, is this a touring production?

In a sense. We have our own little crew of soundmen and that sort of thing, but, as for the orchestra, we do our best to use the local symphony.

After this tour, what’s next for Cine Concerts?

The other seven movies. [Laughs] I intend to do every one of the Harry Potter, all eight of them. It’s such a great franchise. | Marc Farr

Cine Concerts presents Harry Potter live with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra September 9–11 at Powell Hall.

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