Chance the Rapper | 10.13.15

chanceTR sqMake sure you are in the building for what could possibly be the best experimental rap concert of 2015.

chanceTR 2015

The Pageant, St. Louis

The Chancelor has returned!

Chancelor Bennett, also known as Chance the Rapper, also known as the artist who ranked top acclaimed album in 2013 for his in-house produced “Acid Rap,” is returning to St. Louis for his Family Matters tour. Chance is bringing the likes of Towkio, Metro Boomin, and Mr. “I-Like-to-Cha-Cha” himself, D.R.A.M., to The Pageant on October 13.

As a Chicago native, Chance the Rapper knows how the Midwest likes to get down. Since his critically acclaimed album Acid Rap dropped in 2013, pulling him along to the top with it, Chance has been taking over the DIY music scene. This will be his fourth time performing in St. Louis, and his newest jazzy music collaboration “Surf” is sure to produce one amazing concert. His Surf venture is by the band the Social Experiment (for which he sings lead) and Donnie Trumpet, all working closely to produce an album that doesn’t even have the Chancelor’s name on it. (He also dropped it for free on iTunes.) Let’s just say Chance is not in this career for the money; he’s in it because he enjoys producing music for his listeners.

If you’re unaware of who his accompanying tour members are, you are in for an amazing surprise. Two of the artists on his stage are from the Midwest, just like Chance: Metro Boomin is a producer and songwriter from St. Louis and Towkio is a rap artist from Chicago. Virginia native D.R.A.M. took over this summer with his track “Cha-Cha,” which features the beat Drake sampled to create his arguably most popular song, “Hotline Bling,”

These artists are sure to please when they tear up the stage. Check out “Surf” by Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment, as well as the other artists on Soundcloud when you get the chance. Then make sure you are in the building for what could possibly be the best experimental rap concert of 2015. | Alexy Irving

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