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Rock the Route is, as Kerstein describes it, “a television travel show about two Chicago bands playing shows along the old Route 66 out to L.A., with celebrity judges. Hilarity will ensue.”



Could Red Bull Give Brighton, MA Wings?
As Matt Kerstein relates the story, his band Brighton, MA got a phone call telling them that they were one of ten bands being considered for a promotional tour called Rock the Route, being sponsored by Red Bull and produced by Poya Pictures. The band was a bit confused; they hadn’t even heard of the venture before that moment. Turns out one of the projects the band had provided their music for, a proposed road movie, had been passed around at an L.A. party. The idea for the road movie didn’t win favor, but the band’s music did and, in true Hollywood ending form, was passed on to somebody at Poya Productions. The band auditioned and won one of the two coveted slots.

Rock the Route is, as Kerstein describes it. “a television travel show about two Chicago bands—Brighton. MA and Young Jesus—playing shows along the old Route 66 out to L.A., with celebrity judges. Hilarity will ensue,” he laughs. The five shows in seven days starts in Chicago on October 29 and heads through St. Louis, Tulsa and Albuquerque, finishing up in L.A.

Along the way, both professional crews and members of each band (supplied with FLIP cameras to record more personal events) will capture the performances. The bands will also participate in daily contests to decide the bands’ nightly transportation. There are “two modes of transportation—a decked out Red Bull touring bus with a driver or a crappy touring van,” says Kerstein, “so if you win the competition during the day you get to ride on the bus with a stocked bar.” He says the band will try extra hard to win those daily contests, admitting, “I’m sick of driving.”

The tour expands Brighton, MA’s territory, allowing them the opportunity to play Los Angeles and its famed Viper Room for the first time. The shows and the competition will be used by Red Bull and Poya Pictures for webisodes and potentially for broadcast in Europe—spreading Brighton, MA to a larger audience than they have ever had.

At each stop celebrity judges will be on hand to award the bands points for their performance, culminating in the L.A. show where one of the bands will receive a prize package, including studio time.

Kerstein feels that the timing on this is nearly perfect. “We are just coming to the end of the recording for our new album. We can get some more stuff out there to some folks that will want to put it out. The studio time will also help finish this thing off, too.” The new recordings, which the band has worked on over the two-plus years since the release of Amateur Lovers, is described by Kerstein as having a very organic feel similar to the band’s live performances. “Like our other records, you have some songs that are more stripped down, sparse, and on the other side of that you have some larger arrangements with sort of My Bloody Valentine-type guitars and some strings.”

Brighton, MA is looking forward to spending some days on the road, with Kerstein “looking forward to the road trip aspects of it. I think it’s going to be really fun for us.” And, if the celebrity judges agree and the Route 66 challenges go their way, this might just give Brighton, MA their wings.

Brighton, MA and Young Jesus plays Saturday, October 30 at Blueberry Hill. Admission is free. Sponsored by Red Bull.

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