Blood on the Dance Floor | 11.15.15

prev BODTFLive, the band is heavy, melodic, and a tad vulgar, an experience rather than just another concert.

The Florida-based electronic duo is back with a new CD, Cruel Pornography, and a new tour, The Reign of Blood. The band—Dahvie Vanity, vocals and guitar, and Jayy Von Monroe, vocals and rapping—is like no other artist. Though considered electronic music, there is really no single label that defines them: metal, techno, electronica, rock—they all fit.

When they play Fubar on November 15, their stage presence will be palpable. The girls love them and the guys want to be them. Even though the duo have no top 10 singles and receive very little, if any, radio airplay, BOTDF has an extremely devoted fan base. After playing the Van’s Warped tour many times, they now headline their own shows.

With heavy tracks like “Unforgiven” and “Rise and Shine,” and more erotic work like “Cruel Pornography” and “Revenge Porn,” the band covers the gamut lyrically. One major topic of the material is self-worth. This duo believes in what they do, and they want you to believe in yourself, as well.

Live, the band is heavy, melodic, and a tad vulgar, an experience rather than just another concert. A Rocky Horror–type atmosphere prevails at a BOTDF show, as it is a night for the freaks to celebrate with others of their kind.

Cruel Pornography is a six-song ode to sex and the art of being naughty. It’s a bit different from their last album, Bad Blood, but then, this is typical BOTDF: No two albums sound alike.

This band kicks ass live. Even if you have not yet heard them or seen them live, don’t wait. | Marc Farr

Tickets for Blood on the Dance Floor are still available through or at Fubar.

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