Best Coast Preview | 06.10.15

California-Nights 75This show is certainly going to be packed.




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Best Coast can best be described as equal parts grunge meets The Beach Boys. The mashup of the two music styles creates a powerful, mesmerizing sound that has garnered the attention of many across the U.S.

Best Coast consists of lead singer, pianist, and guitarist Bethany Consentino, and bassist/guitarist Bob Bruno. The LA natives have released five albums, featuring hits such as “Boyfriend” (Crazy for You), “The Only Place” (The Only Place), and “I Wanna Know” (Fade Away).

The duo’s latest album California Nights is consistent with their grungy, pop sound they’ve become known for, but the maturity of this album is what really stands out. In the past, listening to more than four tracks in a single Best Coast album was a feat for me before changing my Spotify to something less pop-souding, but California Nights was a pleasant surprise. I listened to the album twice through to get a feel for it, and the general consensus is that there seems to be more depth to it than their past albums. Standout tracks were “Fine Without You” and “Wasted Time.”

Best Coast will be playing a show in St. Louis on June 10, at The Ready Room. It’s a small venue, so I suggest getting your tickets early (and urging your friends to do the same!) because this show is certainly going to be packed and a must-see. | Danielle Pauly

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