Acquired Taste (Sub Pop)

You will see no booty shaking in any of these videos.


God bless those geniuses/lucky bastards at Sub Pop. They’ve been holding out on us, sitting on this collection of odds and ends of visual dessert to an already delicious musical meal they feature. In a time when MTV shows no music videos and there are more than ever to be seen, Sub Pop has graced us with their Acquired Taste.

This collection of music videos ranging from the Postal Service and Iron and Wine to Sleater-Kinney and Wolf Parade is, in fact, meant for a certain cultured (read: hipster) type that has an acquired taste of music and the videos that compliment it, not so much the ADD-visually stimulated MTV viewer. You will see no booty shaking in any of these videos.

If, however, you have acquired the taste of enjoying video footage of poop, farts, and insects, then you are in luck with this DVD, due to Ugly Casanova’s “Things I Don’t Remember (unedited version).” (Which, I can only assume/hope is different from the edited version.)

A note of warning: This DVD is a collection for the fan of the music, not so much for a fan of music videos in general. It’s not part of any Director’s Works Series. Some story lines are muddled at best, but there are creative gems within the list, such as Kinski’s “The Wives of Artie Shaw.” There is also a good amount of animation throughout the DVD.

Acquired Taste isn’t made to be a showcase of great illustrative talent, but it’s definitely an enjoyable one in the sense that, even though you might not understand it, it’s still pretty cool.

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