V/A | Music from the HBO Original Series “Insecure” (RCA)

These songs will have you feeling like you’re the bomb and life is good.

From the first time I watched Issa perform “Broken Pussy” in the club during the second episode, I’ve wanted to have it blasting from my car. And, as luck would have it, the email to review the Insecure soundtrack came and here we are. Granted, it took me a while to realize I hadn’t written it since I listed it on my best music list of 2016, but without further ado, let’s unpack the 16-track LP.

The whole vibe of the album is feel-good music that makes you want watch the season over and over again. From opening track “No Small Talk” by Kari Faux, you immediately feel like this soundtrack is going to be a good time, and it is, from “love rookie she give him all her cookie…,” our favorite bathroom mirror special, to “Broken Pussy” following. TT the Artist’s “Lavish,” Problem’s “D2B,” and Faux’s “Top Down” will have you feeling like you’re the bomb and life is good. And guess what? If you’re reading this review, you are.

From GoldLink’s “Palm Trees” to the last track, Moses Sumney’s “Plastic,” the soundtrack gets a bit more emotional and thoughtful. Listen to 1500 or Nothin’s “Girl,” which is definitely my favorite song after Guordan Banks’ “Keep You in Mind” and St. Beauty’s “Borders.” It’s an ode to the special girl in his life that can have anything she wants, including him—completely.

As The Internet’s “Just Sayin/I Tried,” ERIMAJ’s Conflict of a Man,” and SBTRKT’s “Hold On” play, I reminisce on the last three episodes of Insecure Season 1, which unpack so many things about Issa, Lawrence, Molly, and their interdependent relationships, including the secrets, betrayal, and brokenness—feelings we’ve all experienced before.

“I know what it is to be broken and be bold,” Moses croons. “Tell you that my silver is gold, though we’re much too old for make believe/ And I know what it’s like to behold and not be held/ Funny how a stomach unfed seems satisfied ’cause it’s swell and swollen…/ Can I tell you a secret?/ My wings are made of plastic.”

So maybe we’re all just made up of plastic: fragile to touch, hoping that no one burns or breaks us when we finally give ourselves to them. So sad for Lawrence, too bad for Issa and Molly, but let’s see what Season 2 brings as I play this soundtrack to soothe my own wounds. B+ | Ashley White

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