Zombie Cat (Skyhorse Publishing)

What if your favorite feline joined the ranks of the purring dead?


32 pgs. full color; $12.95 hardcover
(W: Isabel Atherton; A: Bethany Straker)
You guys, I have these cats and I absolutely adore them. I do. We have a whole herd of them running around Jameson Towers and they’re cute and fluffy and funny and I like them a lot. I like to think that they like me back and that I am, in fact, their favorite human since I’m the one who understands that, yes, their water bowls have to be freshened up three times a day and that it is their right to traipse under and out of the covers at four in the morning. We have pretty good person-feline relations around here and there’s lots of snuggles and I sing them silly songs and, seriously, I think I might be that person. (Fortunately, Mr. J is also to blame. Totally not just me.)
My love for our cadre of furballs would even survive the zombie apocalypse without a single second of hesitation, even if my kitties didn’t make it out in the same state that they started the invasion in. And that’s more than I can say for the dude in Isabel Atherton and Bethany Straker’s Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty, who definitely has to think about it.
And it’s hard to review a book like this, where brevity is their watchword, without giving away absolutely everything. So I’ll say this: Straker’s artwork is adorable and expressive, Tiddles seems like a cat’s cat and Jake, his human, seems to know what’s what when dealing with a zombie invasion. Not only is it all that, there are some pretty hilarious moments in Zombie Cat for purist fans of the undead. And the icing on the cute zombie kitty cake is that Atherton’s tale seems vaguely plausible, which is always what I look for in a zombie story. Don’t give me zombie infections from space, people. I’m not buying it.
What I would buy, because I’m a sucker for cats and vaguely cute and creepy picture books around Halloween, is a copy of this book for any cool pet owners I know. They’ll wince a little at first but the wince will turn into a smile and, then, on the last page, a knowing smirk. I mean, a cat’s a cat, no matter how long they try to make you believe otherwise. | Erin Jameson

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