The Exterminators Vol. 2: Insurgency (DC Comics/Vertigo)


Insurgency continues the story of Henry James, bug killer, and the mysterious conspiracy/prophecy Egyptian occult insect uprising thingy.



127 pages FC; $12.99

(W: Simon Oliver; P: Tony Moore, Chris Samnee; I: Ande Parks, Chris Samnee)


Early critics of The Extermintors have called it Preacher's dumber brother for its brash, shock-filled storytelling and a plot that seemed to be going in every direction without going anywhere, but Preacher is such a great book that just being in its family should count for something. Writer Simon Oliver and Tony Moore do have a chemistry similar to Preacher's Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, and somewhere amidst the exploding vermin, Draxx guzzling, and exploding people in the first book, there was potential.


The cover to The Exterminators Vol. 2. Click thumbnail for a larger version.The second collection, Insurgency, goes a little deeper into the plot, revealing answers to some of the many WTF moments that strung the first story arc together. Henry passes up the nice office job that his high-powered corporate, lesbian girlfriend tried to hand him, and goes in for another satisfying day, working with eccentric loonies at the worst job under the sun.


Fortunately, it takes him to "Libarius Fantaisus", where he meets Page, the librarian/"Literary Hooker," and hey, she specializes in Egyptian occult bug thingies. So, the plot isn't exactly subtle, but Oliver's amusing dialogue elevates a convoluted horror movie premise into a likable story akin to films like Slither or Tremors. And there's no complaining about Tony Moore's art. After doing The Walking Dead and Fear Agent, Moore fits perfectly here, handling characters' expression and comedic acting just as well as the gory details. Combined with Brian Buccellato's rich, top notch coloring, Moore's work has never looked better.


Mixed into the 4-part story, is a short interlude with art by St Louis's Chris Samnee (Capote in Kansas). This was probably due to Tony Moore's busy schedule, which had him pencilling three different books that were all hitting shelves around the same time. If you have to have a fill-in issue, its nice to see it done like this. Oliver changes his pace and style to match his artist, with an almost bug-less issue (check the cereal box) that gives a little more depth to the love triangle Henry has found himself in. Samnee works well, bringing a little bit of welcome subtlety to the outlandish characters.


Fans of Garth Ennis or Warren Ellis might want to check out The Exterminators for its style and humor alone, but it's too early to tell if this one's going to payoff as successfully. | Nick Main


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