Superf*ckers #3 (Top Shelf)

"Let’s drink a toast to my mutherfucken’ victory, bitches."

24 pgs FC; $5.00

(W/A: James Kochalka)

The glue that holds James Kochalka's Superf*ckers series together is, as you may well guess from the title, profanity.

The members of this gang of teenage superheroes cuss like the 13-year-old morons they are:

– "Let's drink a toast to my mutherfucken' victory, bitches."

– "SuperDan is back to beat your pussy ass down."

– "Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a fag?"

You get the idea.


Kochalka has a ball making fun of teenagers and their pathetic attempts at cussing to sound cool, fumbling their way through crushes, and smoking anything they can to get high. Along the way, Grotessa, Jack Krak, Princess Sunshine, Orange Lightning, Stumpy and the rest cycle through some convoluted plot about the theft of the all-powerful "Time Bottle." Is their ridiculous adventure a parody of superhero comics or just ridiculous?


A page from Superf*ckers #3. Click thumbnail for a larger image.It doesn't really matter. Either you're on the James Kochalka train or you're not. The prolific author of funny, nonsense adventures peopled with sickly-cute elves, pig astronauts and brave fighting monkeys seems to take great delight in drawing. In Superf*ckers, his google-eyed nerds, vain bullies and miserable losers have more charm than they've got a right to.


Kochalka, whose faintest fart of a tale is invariably published by Top Shelf, manages to be real cute and real sick at the same time. It's nothing new, but if you've read up through Superf*ckers #3, you'll enjoy the cliffhanger at the end, leading into the final issue, scheduled for release in May 2007.


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