Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare #1 (Dark Horse)

The video game series comes to pun-filled comic book life courtesy of Paul Tobin and Jacob Chabot.



27 pgs. full color; $2.99
(W: Paul Tobin; A: Jacob Chabot)
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare opens with what might be the most adorable zombie ever. The narrator even apologizes for not tagging its spoilers! What is this madness? When dealing with Zombies, we must always remember one thing:
We don’t want zombies on the lawn.
These zombies make me wonder, though: can we let them on the lawn if they’re cute? Even the zombie minions are cute (and there’s a zombie hedgehog, eeee). From the first page, it is clear that anyone who is a fan of the Plants vs. Zombies gaming franchise will immediately be familiar with the content of this comic. Surprise: there’s plants and zombies. The zombies are the butt of many terrible puns and are comically plotting something that will eliminate the population of Neighborville. Thankfully, our two heroes and their leafy allies are not invited to what must be the zombies’ sweet distraction and are home to get to the bottom of this plot.
As they wander their deserted hometown, mysterious portals begin to open and their contents are unfamiliar to our heroes. The panels of questioning concern are juxtaposed with the plot of the zombies beginning to come to a metallic fruition. What is to become of Neighborville? It’s clear that the portals’ contents clearly have something to do with stopping the maximus-powered scheme of Zomboss and his almost equal.
Paul Tobin has satisfactorily captured the terrible pun-wielding and insecure humor of the zombies, and has given us one protagonist who begins his journey completely focused on a video game. As a gamer myself, I enjoyed the nod and rolled my eyes with his companion as she questioned the events happening in Neighborville. The story moves at a fun pace and ends with enough questions to keep me patient enough to wait for the next issue.
Jacob Chabot’s art is everything that you’d expect from a Plants vs. Zombies title to me. It’s all soft lines and bright, upbeat colors. I particularly enjoyed that the plants emulate the same facial features that are seen in the video game.
It’s very obvious that Tobin and Chabot both were very familiar with their subject matter. I think that fans of the previous comic book series and the video game itself will not only appreciate this, but like me, they will enjoy the series all the more for it. | Catherine Bathe
Click here for a preview of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare #1, courtesy of Dark Horse!

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