Lulu & Mitzy: Best Laid Plans (SLG Publishing)

lulumitzy-header.jpgMeet the Lucy and Ethel of the world’s oldest profession in this genuinely funny gutter-circus comedy.


124 pgs. B&W; $10.95

(W / A: S. Eddy Bell)

Lulu and Mitzy are San Francisco whores who need a better class of john. They decide to try out a pimp called "Lintball," who sets them up on a three-way with an actual U.S. Senator. What a revoltin’ development it is when he asks the browbeaten sex workers to slowly extract a veritable garden of cucumbers, squash, carrots, and eggplants from his ass cavity.

Really, though, it’s just another day at the office for a couple of gals trying to make an honest living. Lulu is Latino, voluptuous, resourceful, ambitious, and hungry. Mitzy is Asian (sorta), skinny, bitter, smart, and loud. Together they’re the "Lucy and Ethel" of "the world’s oldest profession," to quote the comic’s back-cover blurb.

The cover to Lulu and Mitzy by S. Eddy Bell. Click for a larger image.Creator S. Eddy Bell imagines their life as a comic farce in the run-down boroughs of San Francisco, which he peoples with a colorful array of bums, crazies, prostitutes, illegals, drug addicts, and so on. As anyone who has lived in "San Franpsycho" can tell you, it’s really no exaggeration. A simple bus ride in that town can easily feel like a carnival at the funny farm, and the run-down parts of town have their own uniquely freaky flavor.

Lulu and Mitzy depend on each other for survival, whether that means shaking down their own pimp, competing for their favorite corner with other ho’s, or dealing with nutjob customers, like "R&B superstar Stab B. Stabaho," who urinates on them (an homage to R. Kelly).

Bell records it all with a marvelously humorous vibe. At one point, a very drunk/drugged Mitzy leans over and pukes on the floor in her hallway. A rat runs out from his hole and says "Hey! I live here!"

It’s cute and sick at the same time, thanks in part to Bell’s deceptively simple art, reminiscent of stuff by Peter Bagge and Roberta "Bitchy Bitch" Gregory, and of after-school cartoons.

The pace never flags, so the reader’s never bored. And though the humor winds up in an unexpectedly schmaltzy place that felt awkwardly sentimental to me, this is Bell’s first published graphic novel, it’s a fat 124 pages, and he earns high marks for his genuinely funny gutter-circus comedy. Recommended. | Byron Kerman

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