Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen #1 (Dark Horse)

The Tomb Raider star returns for another globe-hopping adventure.



32 pgs. full color; $3.99
(W: Corrina Bechko; P: Randy Green; I: Andy Owens)
When Square Enix announced that it would be rebooting the Tomb Raider series, I was skeptical. I didn’t really have a good impression of Tomb Raider from my childhood, but then again, that game was more aimed at the suspense-lovers and I was definitely not one of those youngsters. The new Tomb Raider, however, is one of my favorite video games that I have yet to beat. I have to play it in small doses because it still makes me jump, but there is one noticeable difference when I compare this Lara Croft to the old Lara Croft: this one is a total badass.
Dark Horse’s Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen #1 delivers this new Lara Croft in wonderful color.
The cool thing about Lara Croft is that reading it is kind of like catching up with an old friend. Lara Croft cares about her team members and is the kind of hero that helps with something as simple as tracking down a possibly wounded hunting falcon in Turkey. She also has an insatiable need to track down missing artifacts, especially when it’s an artifact that has been stolen from under her nose and out of her headquarters museum—which is the motivation that gets Lara out from London, England and out to Belize City, Belize. I’m envious of her ability to just run to the airport, catch a couple of planes, and then she’s right on track to find her missing teammate. I can imagine all of the work I wouldn’t get done if I had that kind of pull!
Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen #1 was enjoyable for a lot of reasons. Randy Green’s pencils and Andy Owens’ inks bring the new Lara Croft from the video game screen to the comic book page beautifully without sacrificing any of her newfound toughness. Michael Atiyeh’s colors really attract the eye throughout the entire book. Looking back after seeing how the issue ends, I really enjoyed Atiyeh’s use of shadow once Lara returns to London and the reader is presented with the problem that will propel the issue forward.
I think that this was a good first step into a new series and really look forward to seeing where Dark Horse decides to take our favorite Tomb Raider. I would definitely suggest this comic to fans of Ms. Croft, and especially fans of the Square Enix’s new series. | Catherine Bathe

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