Incredible Change-Bots (Top Shelf)

changebots.jpgIt’s Awesomebots vs. Fantasticons in this send-up of a 1980s childrens classic.



144 pages FC; $15.00

(W / A: Jeffrey Brown)


An age-old war between the Awesomebots and the Fantasticons has destroyed their homeworld, Electronocybercircuitron, and now they’ve brought their battle to Earth! Author Jeffrey Brown, best known for his autobiographical relationship comics like Unlikely and Clumsy, has tapped his inner kid to create a transforming robot epic that feels like it was written and drawn in magic marker by the most talented, awesomest li’l 10-year-old on the planet.


The cover to Incredible Change-Bots. Click thumbnail for a larger image.Early in the story, the villianous Shootertron wins the robot world election by rigging Calculatron. But even ruling the world doesn’t stop Shootertron’s determination to take over the world! Just as one of his henchmen points out his mistake, "KABLAM!" The Awesomebots explode through the wall, guns blazing, in an "extremely well-armed peaceful protest". Incredible Change-Bots is full of funny, satirical gags and parody, but the action-packed "Incredible Change!" moments with CHEE-CHOO-CHE-CHOO-CHEE sound effects can be just as satisfying. In fact, the sound effects alone kept me grinning throughout the book. Robots shooting lasers is one thing. But add a well-placed "BEW BEW BDEW BEW" and it’s magical.


Like the cartoons it satirizes, there’s plenty of moments amidst laser beam battles to pause for a melodramatic scene with a moral. There’s a lesson or two learned about the abuse of power and energy spheres and a few about friendship and loyalty. But mostly its about what it means to be an Awesomebot.


Incredible Change-Bots may look like it’s made for "boys" who grew up in the 80’s. And it is. But it’s so much fun that everyone will appreciate it. | Nick Main


Click here for a 6-page preview, courtesy of Top Shelf, and see the related links below for an interview with Incredible Change-Bots creator Jeffrey Brown!

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