Black Ghost Apple Factory (Top Shelf)

bgaf-header.gifA breezy collection of mini-comics stories both serious and silly from Jeremy Tinder (Cry Yourself To Sleep).



48 pgs. B&W; $5.00

(W / A: Jeremy Tinder)


The cover to Black Ghost Apple Factory by Jeremy Tinder. Click thumbnail for a larger image.Collecting seven short stories originally published as mini-comics from 2004 to 2006, Black Ghost Apple Factory isn’t strictly a gag book, but it is frequently laugh-out-loud funny. Whether it’s a robot explaining to his girlfriend why he can no longer be warm to her in "Robots Don’t Say ‘I Love You’" ("Anymore," the titular ‘bot stresses, "robots don’t say it anymore") or discovering the hazards of having a grizzly bear for a roommate in "Grizzly, or How I Spent My Spring Break," writer/artist Jeremy Tinder (Cry Yourself To Sleep) pulls off his jokes with expert comedic timing and expressive, cartoony art. He hits it the furthest out of the park with "This Is the First Day of the Rest of My Life, and I’m So Happy," as a wide-eyed, happy-go-lucky cartoon cat discovers a harmless trip to the vet means he’s getting fixed ("But Doc, I’m not broken, am I?"), jokes coming fast and furious throughout the story’s six pages.


It’s not all fun and games for Tinder, who has a secret to confess in "It’s Spring, and Jeremy Tinder Is Secretly In Love With You." Unfortunately, the story never quite hits, and it feels a bit slight to carry a full quarter of the book’s page count. Faring much better is "1, 2, 3, 4," where a day out for a girl and her elephant takes a surprisingly poignant turn, ending the book on a thought-provoking note. With spare dialogue and excellently paced layouts, the book reads a little too breezily (you’re basically paying a dollar per minute reading time), but the quick pacing  is well-suited to the individual stories he’s trying to tell. More a bite-sized snack than a full meal, this is still a highly enjoyable little comic. | Jason Green

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