Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise Part Three (Dark Horse)

In the final installation of this three-part continuation of the acclaimed animated series, The Avatar, the Fire Lord, and the Earth King square off against each other to control the destiny of the Yu Dao colony.


82 pgs. full color; $10.99 hardcover
(W: Gene Luen Yang; A: GuriHiru)
Concluding the storyline of The Promise, friendships and loyalties are pushed to the brink as Avatar Aang must square off against an Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation army and the unruly and defiant colony they both seek to control. Fire Lord Zuko is still uncertain about what the right way is, but plunges ahead anyway for the sake of his people, taking on a suddenly strong-willed Earth King Kuei. Aang is trying desperately to find a solution to this problem, but all the people of Yu Dao want is to be left alone. Advice from the spirit of former Avatar Roku only complicates things, and forces Aang to confront the possibility of doing something completely against his Air Nomad nature: killing one of his friends to save the world.
The Promise Part Three nicely brings the storyline squarely back into the Avatar-verse, giving readers a conclusion to this arc that feels true to the television show’s nature, and also setting the stage for the next storyline, The Search, which is set to debut in 2013. Writer Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese) addressed many of the issues that presented in Part Two (at least for me), and I am therefore confident that some of the seeming storyline shifts may be further addressed in future books. On that note, Yang clarified Sneers and Kori’s relationship in Part Three, and it seems I got my facts wrong in my last article. So oops, apologies. In addition, fans of Avatar who have also become hooked on Konietzko and Di Martino’s sequel series to Avatar, The Legend of Korra, may be able to spot the origins of many of that series’ elements. Artistic team GuriHiru continues to do an excellent job of keeping the look and feel of all the characters consistent, and I feel like I’ve been spoiled. It appears that they’ve been signed on for the long run, because they’re also the artistic team for The Search.
The Promise Part Three this is an excellent conclusion for this three-part miniseries, and I am all the more excited for the premier of The Search in March of 2013, when Yang delves into the greatest mystery of Avatar—what happened to Zuko’s mother! | Elizabeth Schweitzer
Click here for a preview of Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Promise Part Three, courtesy of Dark Horse!

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