Age of Bronze #24-25 (Image Comics)

aobheaderThe Trojan War rages on the true battlefield: behind closed doors.



"Betrayal" pts. 5 & 6

24 pgs. B&W; $3.50 ea.

(W / A: Eric Shanower)


After a few wrong stops along the way, and a few great sacrifices, the Achaeans have finally landed on the shores of Troy. Both sides have entrenched themselves into position, secured their allies and armed their soldiers. The armies are ready to…wait?


Yes, the Great War is finally here…but first the politicians have to politic one last time.


The cover to Age of Bronze #25 by Eric ShanowerTwenty five issues into the story of the greatest war the ancient world had ever seen and the fighting of the epic battle has yet to unfold. Actually, the action has begun, like most real wars, behind closed doors. In the great palace halls and in the hearts and minds of men who rule is where wars are often plotted and executed.


We are given a backstage pass to halls of both King Priam of Troy and Agamemnon of Macedonia. Eric Shanower continues to astound and amaze with his thoroughly detailed account of the Trojan War. Issues 24 & 25 of Age of Bronze are the 5th and 6th chapters of the aptly named story arc "Betrayal" because all past betrayals seem to come to a head with these issues. Shanower continues to raise the bar on what great historical fiction can aspire to be.


First off, Helen betrays Menelaus in fleeing to Troy with Paris. Then, Paris betrays the Achaean king Menelaus' kindness by taking his wife Helen from him while a guest of the king. The Trojan priest Kalchas betrays his home by leading the Achaeans to its shores. And finally, perhaps the greatest betrayal belongs to King Priam of Troy, who betrays the Trojan people by refusing to send Helen back to avoid the war, all for his long lost son's ill decisions of lust.


Agamemnon sends an embassy to meet King Priam of Troy in the hopes of avoiding the unavoidable confrontation one last time. But both Priam and Agamemnon know this embassy to be little more than a necessary formality to be sidestepped in the preamble to the procession of the song of war.


The outcome of all this, of course, will be war, unless Hector and Odysseus can someone convince both sides to put their swords down and avoid the mindless bloodshed that is to come. Perhaps there is a final betrayal yet to be revealed in the conclusion of this arc, but history informs us that the war will surely come.


Thank God that Eric Shanower will be our tour guide. | Carlos Ruiz


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