Self Published 05.07.10 | The City of Abacus

A young girl named Freeda is the only one that can save the city of Abacus from a life as brainless drones in the first chapter of this new fantasy graphic novel series written by British singer/songwriter/model VV Brown.



Blinded, the MX41 takes full control of the City Of Abacus created by the evil queen, nothing will open the eyes of the people, nothing except one, a young girl called Freeda. This is a long twisted journey of surprise, rejection, incest, love, politics and mystery. The realisation of their world is soon to be discovered.
City of Abacus is written by VV Brown and David Allain with art by Emma Price, and goes on sale May 7, 2010. A City of Abacus exhibition runs at The Book Club in Shoreditch, East London, from May 7 to 29.
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