Marvel Comics 4.4 and 4.11 | Omega Flight, Loners

omegaheaderA pair of #1s! First, it's conscientious objector time, as some of America's greatest heroes (including flagbearer and Cap stand-in US Agent) head north of the border to flee Civil War's aftermath in Omega Flight #1, plus the new teen team from Brian K. Vaughan's hit series Runaways get their own 6-issue miniseries with Loners #1.



Omega Flight Reborn From Civil War


        Following the team's introduction in Civil War: The Initiative, Canada once again has its own super hero team in the pages of Omega Flight #1. 


        The destruction of Alpha Flight at the hands of the Collective has left a gaping hole in Canada's line of defense as its greatest heroes were struck down.  Now, the last surviving Alpha Flight member Sasquatch joins an all-new team of heroes in Omega Flight!


        This isn't your father's Flight!  This new team of Canuck heroes includes the Asgardian-powered Beta Ray Bill, former Avengers U.S. Agent and Arachne, Alpha Flight legacy Talisman, and a new hero in the Guardian suit! 


        Written by the critically acclaimed writer of Ares and Thor: Blood Oath with art by the fan-favorite penciler behind the Annihilation: Prologue and Beyond!, Mike Oeming and Scott Kolins create an all-new legacy of Canadian heroes out of the ashes of Civil War.




OMEGA FLIGHT #1 (of 5)  (FEB072144)


Pencils and Cover by SCOTT KOLINS

Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC – 3/15, On-Sale – 4/4/2007



From The Pages of Runaways Come The Loners


        Debuting in the pages of Brian K. Vaughan's Runaways in 2005, the team of former teen heroes looking to kick their super hero addiction is back by popular demand in Loners #1.


        They were once the teen heroes known as Darkhawk, Turbo, Ricochet, Green Goblin, and Lightspeed.  Now they're just five adults trying to stay out of the spandex.  But the group now known as the Loners are about to find out that quitting the super hero biz is easier said than done.


"As a huge fan of teen drama, I've been dying to get my hands on a diverse cast of young Marvel characters with the personalities and relationships that make them real people as well as super heroes," says writer C.B. Cebulski.   "Loners has finally provided me with that opportunity! Spinning out of Runaways, Loners stars an all-star ensemble cast of teen heroes looking to possibly get out of the super hero game, but once you have the powers, can you ever truly give up the lifestyle? If you ever wondered what happened to Darkhawk, Ricochet, Turbo, Green Goblin and Julie Power, this is the book for you! And you don't want to miss the surprise guests along the way!"


        Founded by Turbo and the heroic Green Goblin (as well as anonymous backing from another former teen hero, Rick Jones), the Loners' focus is to help fellow teenage super heroes adjust to normal lives and dissuade other super-powered teenagers from becoming heroes.  But will the call to action be too much for the Loners to resist?


        From writer C.B. Cebulski (X-Men: Fairy Tales), artist Kevin Moline (Rogue), and cover artist Jason Pearson (Body Bags), Loners explodes from the pages of the fan-favorite Runaways into your local comic shop this April.





LONERS #1 (of 6)   (FEB072133)

Written by C. B. CEBULSKI



Rated T+ …$2.99

FOC – 3/22, On-Sale – 4/11/2007

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